Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage dominance and submission pain coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

I feel hot and enchanting the one and the other, to start with. Bound tightly, short petticoat, legs naked. Feet arched in platform heels, awaiting... titillated and nervous.

Then on the floor, sightless and gagged. Bound greater amount tightly now. I feel primal, feral. An brute squealing and wriggling. I am trying to avoid the electric sharpness of the cattle prod. I am terrified. A rush of relief when I lastly discover the gear this guy has thrown, complete my task. I rest briefly, remember to breathe.

As I am cuffed and strapped in the metal chair my anxiety mounts once more, breath quickens. I think: this can't be happening... but I've asked for it. My clitoris is suctioned and swelling. My nipps burn. My face grows soaked with tears. He turns up the vigour of the electricity. I am burning not just on my twat and whoppers, but inside and throughout my body. I am screaming and streaming tears. It is painful, but too releasing and redeeming somehow; when that guy resolves I've had sufficiently, I feel - not broken - but stronger.

This is a test. I am suspended and spanked, boobs tied. I am testing the ropes. The ropes are testing me. I am growing stronger with every obedience. I am a beauty, a woman, a wild creature subdued. "Sit up straight." that guy says, and I do. Though I am tired, I lift my head and feel the grace of my body, my str8 back, the curve of my shoulders, bound, the angles and arcs of my legs. "Now," this chab says, "you have to dig down." and I do. Pull air into the depth of my stomach, feel the decide there, let my breath metallic me for what is next.

I feel unsteady, but determined, climbing onto the iron cross carefully, following directions as they bind my arms, legs, stomach. I am afraid, but I shove the phobia back. I am in every pont of time now, letting this happen, taking it. The world shifts as they tip me, over the water, not fast. I sputter, testing it, then my neck is tied likewise and I am feeble, totally. I am submerged and then lifted, over and over, coughing and spitting, trying to breathe. My entire world becomes darkness and juicy and ache in sharp licks on my abdomen and snatch, then swift rushes of air. I can do no thing but feel this... try to hold my breath and my screams... remember to breathe when I am allowed.

When it is over, I don't make no doubt of it. I am awaiting greater quantity.

My body is pink and red. Exposed and abased. Tortured, but likewise redeemed.

Stronger in my obedience.

I am waiting greater amount...

Original FileName: 20030225 - Water Wheel (Live Feed From February 22, 2003) (Lorelei)

Format: real

Duration: 1:58:10

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Water Wheel Live Feed Lorelei - InSex

Water Wheel Live Feed Lorelei - InSex

Water Wheel Live Feed Lorelei - InSex

Water Wheel Live Feed Lorelei - InSex

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Water Wheel Live Feed Lorelei - InSex