Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage pain play ache coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

white noise

I watched with trepidation as my strange ottoman was wheeled out in front of me. Wires, tubes, fluid bags, suction and electricity. The platform awaited me; it loomed eerily in advance of me, all the tools of phobia in anticipation of my bare body. I was removed from my cage and obediently lay down. My passion was laced with phobia as I realized that it was truly happening now; I had waited for months to live this dream and it was about to become real. I was belted down to the couch. Headphones were placed in my ears, blaring white noise and strange otherworldly sounds. My metal helmet was placed over my face and tightly secured. I was now trapped- but almost any of all trapped inside my own head. I became just now disoriented in the darkness and unrelenting sound. My legs were widen and a tube and vibrator were inserted as I lay motionless and powerless to struggle or even respond.

Suddenly, all the groping and probing hands were gone. I was all alone now in the darkness and the drowning endless sound. I tried to concentrate on the sound; time became my pain. With each passing pont of time, my body sent recent messages of panic and torment: the sex toy stuffed so tightly within me, the burning of the tube, the pang of my fastened muscles. The sound was my merely anchor to reality- I began to feel increasingly disconnected from my body, from my self. My disorientation grew as I dimly heard voices beyond the white noise. I began to wonder if they were indeed voices or just hallucinatory and contained within the unforgiving static.

When I felt suction on my meatballs and clitoris, I was overjoyed! At final, a pont of time when I am connected and not alone! The electricity felt like strange prickling fingers, teasing and caressing my skin. Even as the charge increased, the suffering was a welcome distraction. When it ceased, I quietly begged pd for greater amount. My petite hope was that this chab would leave it on and it could assist me to survive the agonizing hours that I knew remained. But my real punishment was to be wheeled away, abandoned as a mere prop during the time that Donna played with 331. After the shock treatment, time became an uncanny blur. I remember dimly some blankets placed over me. Occasional sounds and voices floated into my consciousness; I could no longer distinguish em. The white noise receded until it appeared to be like silence. Before my helmet was removed, the noise was switched off. It was so sudden and unexpected that it jarred me greater quantity powerfully than any electric shock. When the helmet came off, my eyes screamed animal training the scathing light by my mind was still stunned in the absence of the white noise. It had become comforting to me; it had been like an umbilical cord that anchored me to the earth as I floated in my dreamlike space. My return to the voices and the blinding lights of the studio felt like a strange birth-- I was given away from my placid womb of endless empty space.


Original FileName: 20030423 - Deprived (Live Feed From April 19, 2003) (Spacegirl, 331, Donna)

Format: real

Duration: 1:26:11

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Deprived Live Feed Spacegirl, 331, Donna - InSex

Deprived Live Feed Spacegirl, 331, Donna - InSex

File size: 140.6 MB

Deprived Live Feed Spacegirl, 331, Donna - InSex