Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power play castigation raw pd enema 912 insexarchives

Cowgirl's shopping excursion is circumcised short when that babe finds herself alone in a car animalism the hands of a mysterious stud in darksome.

Immediately jumping into the backseat next to his target, PD manhandles cowgirl and restrains her with chains and braces. Quelling her pathetic protestations, this guy stuffs a rag in her throat and secures it with tape. He takes advantage of her helplessness, unbuttoning her blouse and pulling up her costume petticoat to caress and grope as the car drives on.

The tied bombshell is delivered to a garage to be prepared for her fresh life as a subservient sex object and plaything. PD manhandles her out of the car and puts her on display in nylons and heels with ankles cuffed, wrist held overhead. After pushing a ball gag in her face, that guy lifts her into a wrist suspension. Dangling in torment, this babe promises to do everything to be let down. Lowered, that babe quivers precariously, balancing stockinged feet on a weighted ball.

Lifted midair one time greater amount, that babe is given a thorough, cold pantyhose down. Drenched, miserable, that babe is cuffed into a metal chair with legs widen. A scrub brush completes the cleaning process, it is coarse bristles irritating her delicate beauty skin. With a rubber hood encasing her head, that babe is f0rced to sit and await in anticipation of what her captor has in store.

His next merciless plans leave her on her back on the floor with arms bound to bent, widen legs. He steps on her tied, bulging zeppelins then leaves her alone another time, panting in fear.

Later, that babe is disciplined in toe shoes. Back arched, that babe spins gracefully on a single pointed foot. Wobbling awkwardly animal training times, this babe maintains her position, holding arms up and bent leg in attitude behind her back.

Grief-stricken, face overspread in a leather hood, cowgirl stands with wrists and ankles cuffed during the time that PD assembles his next merciless device. Spread wide, this babe is fettered to a wooden X and pulled high into the air, exposing her twat for Mr. Pogo's penetration. Left hanging by herself, this babe takes the opportunity to pee.

Entrapped in a metal gibbet for some other test, the defenseless sufferer is hung with legs held open, unforgiving iron digging into her limbs, belly, and fur pie. PD beats her milky white butt and metal-bound love muffins then provides a brief pont of time of relief, vibrating her love button throughout it is metal enclosure.

Finally, cowgirl is tethered to the floor. Taped hands and feet make escape impossible, but this babe attempts to free herself nonetheless. She resists futilely as a plastic bag is pulled over her head. Alone, that babe gasps for air and implores for release.

Original FileName: 20030219 - Cattle Car (Cowgirl)

Format: real

Duration: 44:58

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Cattle Car Cowgirl - InSex

Cattle Car Cowgirl - InSex

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Cattle Car Cowgirl - InSex

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