Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power exchange soreness coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Precious piglet awakens bleary-eyed to discover her real nightmare has just begun. Stretching her shackled arms, that babe evaluates her predicament and tests the restraints that render her captive on a metal couch.

After that babe has reluctantly accepted her fate, PD kindly suggests a bowl of oatmeal. Grimacing and gagging, piglet sates her hunger with the nifty mush.

Affixed to the sofa spread-eagle, that babe can barely squirm due to the sharp wires that hold her down, digging into delicate flesh. PD heightens her revulsion, using even greater amount wire to shape her voluptuous mounds and hug her clitoris. Enjoying her immobility, this chab flogs her fur pie then soothes her squeezed, rosebud clitoris.

Wires are replaced with straps, continuing to keep piglet open and willing. A big wooden vibrator fills her love tunnel whilst a sextoy is left conveniently placed. Meanwhile, one more vibrator is f0rced into her face. PD refines his artistic masterpiece, clamping and stretching it is angel parts.

Turned over with legs manacled down, piglet suggests a view of her backside. Her swollen tied scones are tethered to bedposts, f0rcing her back into a severe arch. PD plunges a hook into her nude butthole and taps a rod against her outthrust melons.

Standing with arms and legs widen, this babe presents herself for further abase, flinching and bleating as the elephant trunk lashes against her smooth skin.

Next, piglet takes a seat on a metal chair, face encased in an inflatable latex hood, pliant pointer sisters squeezed taut in a metal cram. A fuck-machine reams her mercilessly in this position whilst a sex toy occupies her clitoris.

Fettered to a pole, that babe grunts in protest during the time that a rod strikes her unguarded feet, haunches, and titties.

Hogtied with legs splayed wide, her skin glistens with oil. PD leads his pet around, dragging her by the rope leash around her milk cans. Mr. Pogo is the next guide, encouraging her to wriggle in the right direction. Raised by the rope around her mounds with knees barely skimming the slippery floor, her next defiance is to stay grounded and avoid hanging herself.

Finally, piglet is presented with yet one more difficult bind. Raised in suspension, that babe clings to the leather belts around her wrists to keep the pressure off her fastened love bubbles. As always, that babe hangs tough and stoically endures her torture.

Original FileName: 20030416 - Bedding Piglet (Piglet)

Format: real

Duration: 1:10:07

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

20030416 - Bedding Piglet - InSex

20030416 - Bedding Piglet - InSex

20030416 - Bedding Piglet - InSex

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20030416 - Bedding Piglet - InSex