Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

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Water, Fire is the edited footage of 202's live Feed from August 23, 2003. It starts with a pre-feed from the night in advance of. A metal box is seen, partially embedded in a rock wall. Off camera, a tractor engine purrs. The doors of the box are opened to disclose 202 sitting stripped inside, behind thick bars. Carmine lips, toenails, and fingernails set off her creamy skin, illuminated by the lights of the tractor. Shadows from the bars fall in lengthy creases, marking her skin. She fidgets, watching him prepare for what he's going to do to her. He returns, closing the doors of the box, locking her inside for the night.

202 is restrained in metal stocks that keep her arms held out from her neck. She sits with her back against a wall of stone, the neck of the stocks shackled to a ring anchored in the wall. Her costume is carmine, matching her lips and nails. Time passes. Wind catches her hair, blowing it into her eyes. Silky lace is barely seen betwixt her upper hips. A close up of her face shows round unfathomable sultry eyes, the gleam of earrings, pale skin, red lips, and the darksome metal that encases her neck. It is pleasant.

Heavy shackles and chain lock her ankles jointly. A length of thick rebar is pounded into the ground, keeping her legs stretched outward. As this chab stoops beside her, that guy smokes a cigarette. He caresses her. Her face hole becomes his ashtray. After squashing the a-hole upon her tongue, that guy stands and pisses, soaking her face and the front of her suit.

She is unlocked from the wall and led to a wooden post. A rope, secured around her neck, is bound above, just taut sufficiently to sluggishly strangle. He canes her armpit. Removing her heels, that guy places gravel beneath her undressed feet. Her wrists are fastened behind her.

She kicks a stone from below her foot. So that guy puts it in her throat. Then that guy cuts the lower half of her costume off her, leaving the bodice. He orders her to drop the stone from her face hole into her cleavage. Drool spills from her throat as this babe tries. He binds her body to the pole, running rope betwixt her haunches, scarring sharply into her muff. Her lace pants are circumcised off and stuffed into her throat. A close up of her muff in the sun shows the darkened flesh of her labia, reddish in hue, her hood ring sparkling as it catches the light. Her throat is taped. After this, 202's neck is thoroughly tied to the post. He cuts off the bodice of the costume and removes her brassiere. She is exposed, gagged, and fastened to the post, her plush milk cans in full view, enticing, willing for agony.

The camera shows us recent gals, decorations, in the 2 metal boxes set into the rock wall. One is white, boyish, her face strongly boned. The other hotty is kinky, a mix of races. Her skin tone is warm, her eyes almond. She is made to show her bush. The black curled hair frames her fleshy, protruding labia.

He canes the tops of 202's toes. Then one leg is bent upward and tied in place. He canes the toes of the other foot and caresses her soft, flushed pantoons. When his fingers work into her slit, that babe groans. Her other leg is bent and fastened upward so that all her weight rests upon the ropes betwixt her crotch. It is an excruciating castigation. She screeches into the gag when that guy canes her feet. As seen from underneath, her labia are slightly parted. Her corpulent scones are likewise inviting. He grips her nipps and lifts, beating the underside of her love bubbles.

Her hands are tied in front to her ankles. The fleshy folds of her twat are easily viewed from this position. She is attached to a pulley and lifted by hands and ankles. He poses her over the submerged water trough and lowers her into water. Submerged, her cum-hole appears to waver, dissolve, and reappear. He dunks her several times. She comes up coughing. Her cum-hole appears to be magnified, enlarged, flawless and expecting.

He raises her from the water and plunges Mr. Pogo into her bawdy cleft. Droplets of water cling and slip down her skin. He drops her in afresh and canes her feet during the time that she's underwater. She comes up breath control. He canes the backs of her hips, the pang magnified by the added degree of contact provided by water on her skin. He pulls her head backward into the water, beating her feet another time. More thrashing and submerging. It becomes an extended breath control-impact scene. When the sex-toy is used, her engorged labia and clitoris are so swollen, they mound outward betwixt the flesh of her hips. She is caned severely during the time that being vibrated, the head of the eroscillator throwing out droplets of water like beads of glass. She comes, groaning, riding a smooth and silken agonorgasmos.

Her arms are tied back in a Japanese cradle, her billibongs squeezed betwixt ropes, her body in a full, upper restraint. He lights a torch, then suspends her, feet dangling down. The torch is passed back and forth underneath her feet. Fire runs along the back of her body, smoke rising in plumes. He drops the torch underneath her and lowers her body toward it, awaiting for her fatigue to overcome her.

Original FileName: 20030830 - Water, Fire (Live Feed From August 23) (202)

Format: real

Duration: 1:32:32

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Water, Fire Live Feed 202 - InSex

Water, Fire Live Feed 202 - InSex

Water, Fire Live Feed 202 - InSex

Water, Fire Live Feed 202 - InSex

File size: 150.8 MB

Water, Fire Live Feed 202 - InSex

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