Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying pain play pain heavy pd enema 912 insexarchives

411 and 101 return! Edited footage from their live feed in August of 2001 is great enjoyment. When they’re not screaming from pang, even 411 and 101 laugh animal play their predicament. And as 411 crumples from laughter, 101 crumples from shocks to her slit. Predicament pain, object play, and 411’s permanent piercings, all in one neat package. It’s an Insex pont of time of anguish, hilarity, and history u don’t crave to miss.

411 stands with arms fastened outstretched. She’s hooded. A petite microphone has been attached near her face hole. 101 appears in hawt latex. For some reason, this babe looks nervous – her fur pie is wired with a sound-activated stim. 101 is handed a rod and the enjoyment starts. 101 smacks 411 with the rod. 411 screams, driving a shock unfathomable into 101’s cum-hole. 101 screams. Then they laugh animalism themselves. 411 is caned, impact with high pressure air, riddled with meany weanies (small wicked clothespins), and her teats are pinched. But the worst of all, tickling, makes 411 set up a continual howl, which stims 101 repeatedly, who then twists in anguish.

The 2 of em are then transformed into human brooms, the handles of the brooms pushed up their twats. Their arms are fastened behind their backs and posture collars add to the difficulty. They have a sweeping contest. It is not clear just who wins or loses, as afterwards, 101 need to kneel upon the cement floor. 411’s body drapes over her back, doubling the ache to her knees. But 411 is severely caned in this position, her arse and haunches no thing but a mass of welts, cuts, and bruises by the end.

411 is then thonged into a gyn-like device, her marked arse and juicy cookie prominently displayed. She sustains temporary piercings to her labia and love button hood, screeching like a captains daughter in heat when a sex tool is applied. The flower of her fur pie unfolds, adorned with needles.

Afterwards, PD gives her 2 permanent piercings, one in every labia. Blood trickles down. 411 looks tired, but calm and glad.

Original FileName: 20041106 - Punctured (411, 101)

Format: real

Duration: 26:12

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Punctured 411, 101 - InSex

Punctured 411, 101 - InSex

File size: 66.3 MB

Punctured 411, 101 - InSex

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