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The Vault now features images and movie scenes from "Morgan May 14 performance" from 1998.

After being cramped in the cage for such a lengthy time, Morgan was in need of some exercise. She was locked in the stocks, and attached to a pole that marked the circumference of her path. She held her boobs in her teeth via the horse bit, and her legs were held apart by a spreader bar. She walked for a lengthy time whilst PD and Viking took turns smacking her gazoo as this babe went by. She held her posture, and was directed to walk faster or slower as the viewers requested.

It was a difficult path. Circles are infinite, and there was no telling when her "walk" would end. Her thoughts were on her posture, her pace and the whacks on her submissive as the tormentors took their turns with her. She became slightly dizzy and lightheaded as the scene endured, and this babe wanted to stop, but that babe knew if this babe rested things would merely receive worse. She couldn't imagine what would be done to her, so this babe persisted in her walk for as lengthy as that babe could. When this babe was directed to stop, this babe did.

The horsehair flog was stinging her and the flog was nibbling her gazoo. The weights attached to her labia were swinging and tugging in time to the swats from the tormentors. There was no thing that babe could do but expect to be changed, and try not to fight the sensations. She accepted em, and awaited her next ordeal. She was allowed to rest.

She stretched her neck, and sat uncomfortably with her legs widen and attached to the stocks. PD put clothespins on her, and Viking played with em with his flog. It was difficult to endure. She yelped and groaned, and the sounds echoed in the spacious bdsm room. Her throat was open wide when this babe screamed - but the sound was so melodic, that babe was spared a gag for a whilst.

Viking chastise the clothespins with cruel precision, alternating hits among em. His prowess and marksmanship is unsurpassed - diabolically dynamic in the range of sensation. There is no greater amount exquisite punishment than animalism his leniency.

The cat o nine tails was equally exciting, and Morgan began to forget about the pang the stocks were causing her. She could solely feel Vikings touch throughout her intimate parts - stripped and vulnerable previous to the minions animal play inSEX. Her rest lasted a short time, and that babe was given away from the stocks to her next punishment. The traditional wrist and ankle bondage gave her sufficiently freedom to roll to her side. She was rewarded with the sexy sting of candlewax on her teats. The rest of her body ached from her workout, and that babe remembered the stories of the lengthy stays in the wooden boxes. The ring gag allowed her groans to echo in the playroom, and accented her face. Her eyes were wide, and that babe took the wax on her body with minimal squirming or fussing. The wrist and ankle bondage was greatly constricted, pulling her limbs to the boundaries.

Her workout was coming to an end. She was lifted and supported by PD as Viking gave her a scarcely any final swats to her body and her bazookas. Morgan was a gem. A real pain freak, and enthusiast. PD and Viking were happy to oblige her animalism the inSEX bdsm area. She would no doubt be back...if they ever decided to let her go, that is

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Interact 11 Morgan - InSex

Interact 11 Morgan - InSex

Interact 11 Morgan - InSex

Interact 11 Morgan - InSex

Interact 11 Morgan - InSex

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Interact 11 Morgan - InSex