Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power play suffering intense pd enema 912 insexarchives

BJ may be tiny, but anyone that is familiar with her from previous articles, knows that that babe is packed with cock juice. She starts her live feed, circa February 2000, in a hawt, darksome sleeveless suit, darksome pantyhose, and darksome high heels. Her arms are fastened behind her, elbows nearly touching. A red wad of cloth is taped into her face hole, and that babe is laid on the floor. Her ankles are bound jointly and she's placed in a wrist and ankle bondage. BJ's sweet, brown wobblers are pulled out and caressed. Her braided ponytail in a short time becomes the focal point for her 1st ache. Rope is knotted in the braid and that babe is dragged by the hair across the floor toward the pulley.

BJ emits piercing squeals as that babe is suspended by her hair. Her feet are untied and the heels removed, but her toes still dangle a hardly any inches from the floor. Two petite blocks of wood are slid underneath her toes. She struggles to keep her balance on em. One of the blocks is kicked out. Hoisted up anew amid shrieks and screams, BJ's suit is removed. When she's set down on the single block, that babe literally dances on her tiptoes, her bare body straining. Hoisted up one greater amount time, her underclothing drops to her ankles. She grabs animal play the blocks with her toes, dancing on em one time greater amount. But during the suspension, her bladder let loose. A puddle dribbles to the floor down her leg, soaking her pantyhose.

An attempt is made to set in Mr. Pogo into the black of BJ's wet crack. This Mr. Pogo has a copper wire attached to copper foil around the head. But the fake penis is also big for BJ. So instead, an electrical pad is held in place on her love button with leather thongs. By now BJ is getting randy and starts to hump, her haunches moving in rhythm. Her pantyhose are ripped and pulled back from the toes of either foot. She is hoisted up by the hair one greater amount time, accompanied by her defining squeal. A sizeable rectangle of copper flashing is placed under her so that that babe has to stand upon it. The idea of the predicament becomes obvious. She will be f0rced to raise her feet up in order to avoid being shocked on her clitoris. When it becomes clear that the electrical connections are not working, BJ dances on the copper flashing with glee.

Her arms are tied in a Japanese cradle, every of her thumbs fastened and pulled tightly upward toward her shoulders. He ties off her bazookas with constricted leather thongs. One foot is bound animalism the ankle and raised head high. Suspended another time, this time by her hair and ankle so that that babe is able to take some of the weight off her hair, BJ grows nervous animalism the sight of a rod. She is caned on her butt and her fur pie. BJ screeches anew, partially able to evade and block the strokes.

In order to keep her greater quantity obtainable to the rod, that babe is placed on a ottoman, half-reclined against the head of the couch. Her arms are still tied behind her. She is held in place by the rope that is bound into her braid. The large toe of every of her feet is bound and the cord led upward to the pulley. Clamps squeeze her teats relentlessly, evoking greater amount squeals and screams. Her feet are raised and the cord bound off onto the teat clamps, creating yet some other predicament for BJ. She have to keep her feet raised high to relieve the pull on her nipps. Her slit and wazoo are quite vulnerable. The rod reappears. As that babe jerks and screams from the rod strokes, her nipps are jerked and yanked. This time, the rod has much greater quantity access to her. When the nipp clamps are about to be taken off, that babe pleads for em to be left in place. She knows that the pang of em in place is no thing compared to the ache of having em removed. When they come off, this babe does greater quantity than squeal. BJ cries.

She lies on the couch, widen wide for the camera, her tits and nipps in the background and the folds of her moist, mahogany cunt in the foreground. That this babe has grown juicy is quite evident.

A plastic bag is pulled over her head. It collapses against her face as this babe tries to breathe. A diminutive aperture is circumcised in the dominant, and this babe gasps, over lascivious, unable to receive a full breath. Her arse is caned anew. Then teeny meanies, very diminutive clothespins, are placed on her labia, 3 on every side. By now we have grown used to her squeaks and screeching. But this time, her squeals become full out screams from the torment of the clothespins. After they are removed, her vagina gleams, creamy. The Eroscillator is brought out and used inside her drooling wet crack, then slid up onto the swelled head of her clitoris.

BJ is then put on a chair, her arms fastened over the master of the chair back, wrists tied back and down. Her haunches are pulled wide and fastened to either side of the chair seat, her ankles bound up and pulled back. Another plastic bag is placed over her head, but this one is attached to a catheter. A cigarette is lit and placed in the end the rubber tubing. As this babe breathes, the bag collapsing against her face and re-inflating, this babe chokes and coughs, shaking her head violently as though to escape the cigarette smoke. But it is impossible.

The Eroscillator reappears. BJ squeals once more, this time from joy. We are rewarded animal play the end by a genuine smile and laugh from BJ. She made it throughout one more Live Feed.

Original FileName: 20030809 - Imp (Live Feed From February 6, 2000) (BJ)

Format: real

Duration: 49:47

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Imp Live Feed BJ - InSex

Imp Live Feed BJ - InSex

Imp Live Feed BJ - InSex

Imp Live Feed BJ - InSex

File size: 81.2 MB

Imp Live Feed BJ - InSex