Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power play pain coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

202 sits in a chair, prim and proper with her hair bound back, white blouse, dark petticoat, high heels, and tied. Behind her, 912 is undressed and locked into the 4X4 stocks. Two stripped decorations, 114 and 117, sit side by side, caged. Soon a dark leather head restraint and inflatable gag are applied. Drool spills out of 202’s face hole. It is captured in a champagne flute for later use.

Her chaste blouse is pulled back to show a lavender brassiere. A thick leather strangulation collar is belted about her neck. An arm binder is laced tightly from fingertips to upper arms. She is wearing matching lavender underclothing and garter strap. 202 is laid on the floor. Her ankles are attached to the tip of the arm binder, creating a wrist and ankle bondage position. A red ballgag replaces the inflatable.

Her arms in a short time go . She worms her way over to the decorations, and they remove it for her.Her arms are then thonged into a Japanese cradle. She is bent over on her knees and a chair is placed over her. From behind, her cunt shows fattened outer lips, the internal lips thin ripples of flesh. PD sits and investigates her backdoor with his finger. He uses a leather slapper on her a-hole, then a fur pie captains daughter that catches her labia with every thrash.

She is belted into the chair, leaning backward, her arms still tied behind. Each haunch is pulled up thonged to the back of the chair so that that babe is very widely widen. Her nipps and clitoris are suctioned into cups, her clitoris bright red and sucked into the face hole of the glass cup. 912 is brought forward and handed a wet crack cat. The suction is removed from 202’s love button, and 912 is ordered to begin flagellation 202’s fur pie. 912 grimaces with every thud, weakly whipping, apologizing. She is ordered to thud harder. 202 indeed entreats for her to do it harder. What continues is a 30 minute bawdy cleft flagellation that leaves 202’s clitoris and surrounding flesh red and mauled. By the end of the evening, it shows severe deeply colored bruising. 202’s screams not fast escalate until a plastic bag is fastened over her head. She suddenly goes silent, conserving her breath for the important action of breathing. By the end, that babe is screeching out of drill.

202 is put into a cupless corset. An arm sack holds her arms behind her back, the collar of it about her neck. She looks breathtaking this way, the dark against her creamy skin. Six inch heels are placed upon her feet and a enormous rubber inflatable hood slipped over her head. A Maypole with a upright arm has been put in place. 202 is put on her feet. A marital-device is poked up inside of her. It is then attached to the arm of the Maypole. A breathing catheter is attached to the rubber hood, and that babe is made to walk in circles. At one place, the floor dips, shoving the sex-toy deeper. She groans and gasps every time this babe walks that part of the circle.

An improved prostate milking station is wheeled out. Her feet are locked into specialized stirrups. She is bent animalism the waist and her neck is locked down. Metal pieces shove up into her nostrils and fit over her upper and lower teeth, holding her face hole open. The milker is started and the tubes placed onto her nipps. Then the fucking machine is positioned and revved up. White, foamy residue builds up around her bawdy cleft from such a hefty fucking.

Next, a medieval looking piece of wooden tool is brought out. 202 leans backward against the forty-five degree angle post. Her wrists are bound above her head. Knees fastened outward to the front posts. 202 appears absolutely zoned. A rawhide rod starts beating her body. It zeroes in on her interior hips, wobblers, and underarms, raising immediate welts. Her muff area is by this time exceedingly colored from the earlier whipping.

She is turned around so that her back is outward. Tag team beating begins up with a Dom and a Domme participating. Soon, 202’s booty is a mess. Sir C gives a short class on hitting animal training 202’s expense.

Original FileName: 20031114 - Flogged (Live Feed from November 9, 2003) (202, 912, 114, 117)

Format: real

Duration: 1:35:53

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Flogged Live Feed 202, 912, 114, 117 - InSex

Flogged Live Feed 202, 912, 114, 117 - InSex

File size: 156.1 MB

Flogged Live Feed 202, 912, 114, 117 - InSex

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