Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying pain play punishment coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Caged is the documentation of day one of 101's 48 hour Live Feed. Her ordeal is chronicled through the piece by a clock in the background.

101 spends much of her 1st day languishing in an greatly confining cage which f0rces her to stand. The cage is so constricted that this babe cannot bow her arms upward to acquire relief from her position. Her limited ability to move is restricted further by metal stocks that hold her neck in position. The spider gag is inserted so that her open throat is perfectly aligned with the round opening situated animal training face height in the cage. Clamps squeeze her delicate teats and are utilized to swing her and her cage. Afterward, that babe gives a reassuring smile, as though anticipating the anguish that is yet to come.

A triple-wicked candle is placed beneath her feet. She shifts in miniature increments (which is all that her confinement allows) as an attempt to discover relief from the flames. Her hands are belted to the rear corners, further limiting movement. The nipp clamps are removed, accompanied by her screams. Her posterior request for a cigarette is granted, an apparently benign gesture, until it is taken from her and opportunely used on her big love bubbles that droop over the bars like mellow fruit. Afterward, the cigarette is stubbed out on her tongue.

She is then made to swallow water from a funnel. A iron pipe is lubed and slid betwixt her hips, so that her weight bears down upon it. And the candle still burns. Her squick increases as minutes go by, turning to hours.

101 is given one more cigarette out of pity, and the cage is laid down so that that babe can rest upon her back. When the cage is stood up afresh, 101's haunches, knees, and wrists are thonged to the sides of the cage. An enema catheter is put in place and inflated so that one time inserted, it cannot be expelled. An inflatable sex tool and inflatable gag fill her other openings. The eroscillator is put to use. Metal prods are secured to the bars behind her. These can be fucked inner, like a vice, pressing the front of her body constricted against the bars. Now that babe really cannot escape the particularly stressful torture of repetitive f0rced orgasms. Her boobs trickle over the bars, as though begging for the sting of a rod. After a thrashing, her love bubbles are too flogged.

101 is lastly removed from the cage. Her arms are belted behind so that her elbows meet. After her upper body is secured, her hips are belted tightly to her ankles, leaving her feeble in a kneeling position. She is f0rced to eat what appears to be mush from a bowl. She is unable to accomplish this, so it is poured onto the floor and this babe eats that way, smearing it over her face. After this humiliation, the prisoner is given one more cigarette. She rolls around, trying to discover a comfortable position. A wide collar is tightened around her neck. Her face reddens as blood collects. Her cheeks and chin still dirtied with mush, 101's eyes take on the look of the Damned.

She is then secured in a meticulously executed 21-point suspension, face up, legs widen, wrists fastened behind. Her feet are caned. And the clock ticks. It is well past midnight.

The cage, her 1st and longest torture, returns to haunt her. She lies in it, arms crossed above her heart as though resting in her coffin. Se is locked inside one time greater amount, to spend the next hardly any hours as though , expecting for day number 2 to start.

Original FileName: 20030702 - Caged (Endurance) (101's 48 Hour Live Feed Day 1) (Live Feed From Oct 24) HEAVY (101)

Format: real

Duration: 2:37:13

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Caged Endurance 101s 48 Hour Live Feed Day 1 RAW - InSex

Caged Endurance 101s 48 Hour Live Feed Day 1 RAW - InSex

Caged Endurance 101s 48 Hour Live Feed Day 1 RAW - InSex

Caged Endurance 101s 48 Hour Live Feed Day 1 RAW - InSex

Caged Endurance 101s 48 Hour Live Feed Day 1 RAW - InSex

File size: 256.1 MB

Caged Endurance 101s 48 Hour Live Feed Day 1 RAW - InSex

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