Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying pain play torment coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Day number 2 of 731’s January 2003 live feed starts with 731 in her metal container, peeing into a metal pan.

She bathes in a metal box fitted with a glass plate. A pantyhose is fed inside the dom to create a shower. Her soapy fingers slip and glide around her enchanting genitals, slipping back to cleanse her cookie. She turns her body in order to show her fingers cleaning out her butthole. The brash rod marks from the day previous to crisscross her rounded cheeks.

Space gal, who has been in a cage in the background, is given away. She is taught ten poses, every of which makes accessible some important part of her anatomy. When 731 finishes applying her makeup, that babe joins Spacegirl, moving throughout the list of poses. Spacegirl assumes position number five. This raises her butt into the flawless position for a beating. 731 is given a rod and said to thud Spacegirl. 731, who can take quite a lot of thud, appears to be loath to impact Spacegirl, apologizing and asking Spacegirl if this babe is willing. They switch-hitter poses. Spacegirl is said to elect a large rod for 731.

Afterward, Spacegirl’s neck is locked into the metal box, her body providing a foil for the rough and extended thud session that follows. 731’s wrists are belted to the upright pole above the metal box and her back and rear are flogged bright red. 731 starts to jerk and groan with every strike. The glitter of her eye shadow is mixed with tears when the rod is brought out and put to use anew. A rain of rod strokes falls upon 731. She weeps. A single tail appears, creating lengthy welts that stripe her back.

731 is turned so that her front is to the flog, her arms raised and thonged behind her. The single tail practices on her nipps. Her melons and pelvis are caned. More red stripes appear. More tears. The single tail appears anew, this time drawing * near her bawdy cleft.

After Spacegirl is made to eat her dinner from the floor, 731 is tied to a chair with her legs widen. She leans forward and vocalizes toward a timer that sits a scarcely any feet from her chair. Anyone unfamiliar with audio activated stim units may not understand that that babe is testing the stim. We might suppose, from her performance, that 731 is a suffering doxy. And we would probably be correct.

The strength of the electrical current is adjusted upward, and a gag is taped into 731’s throat so that this babe cannot affect her own agony. The timer is set. She sits and waits. A close up of her genitals shows the metal end the stim where it protrudes from her bawdy cleft. The ring of her clitoris hood piercing rests against the stim. Her clit bulges outward, the furrowed skin pink.

The clock ticks. She rarely takes her eyes from it. And so tape is applied, scarring off her vision so that that babe will be unable to guess when her drill will occur. The brash buzzing of the timer resounds. Her pelvis, haunch, and wazoo muscles agreement, shoving her against the ropes. At the same pont of time, that babe screams into the gag. Three times, the buzzer sounds. Three times, this babe screams. The gag is removed. Another buzz sounds and this time her shriek is not muffled.

Then the chat voice is turned up louder so that it will activate the stim. A quick series of repetitive shocks are administered along with the syllables of the chat voice. Viewers start writing series of percussive consonants as a way to activate the stim. Her love button gleams, flushed. PD talks into the audio stim and that babe screams, then laughs with him, each laugh causing her a bit of torture.

After 731 is placed into a wrist and ankle bondage, that babe is then laid upon her back with her hips widen. Her love button ring gleams. She is prepped for piercing. The forceps are squeezed onto her left outer labia. A thick, gauge ten needle is driven throughout her flesh out of a peep from 731. Yes. A true pang wench. A scarcely any moments later, her right labial fold is prepped. The needle is placed into position and punched throughout her skin. Again, not a sound from 731. Her recent jewelry is put in place. Smears of * and a trail of red accentuate the flush of her genitals.

Original FileName: 20030920 - 731 (Live Feed From January 7, 2003) (731, Spacegirl)

Format: real

Duration: 1:07:34

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

731 Live Feed Spacegirl - InSex

731 Live Feed Spacegirl - InSex

731 Live Feed Spacegirl - InSex

731 Live Feed Spacegirl - InSex

File size: 109.9 MB

731 Live Feed Spacegirl - InSex

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