120 – InSex

01 Aug 2013

Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power exchange castigation raw pd enema 912 insexarchives

Demure and pleasant, 120 is locked down, beaten, and screwed in her very 1st discharge with PD. Even the great PD appears to be swamped by the swelter of her raunchy fog, though that guy gives her a heavy ride in harsh metal stocks and is f0rced to rod 120 for coming out of asking. Still, the adult baby fellow receives intense as PD brings on the sex-toy. 120’s lush body and eyes go dreamy.

She sits prim and proper in pleated petticoat, conservative heels and blouse. Her knees, constricted jointly, are held that way by the single shackle that circles her ankles. Her neck and wrists are held fast in metal stocks. She shifts and sighs, trying to receive comfortable. Offering to assist, that guy hoists the stocks high, bringing her up on her toes. Then she’s hauled totally off the floor. He gives her pointed blocks of wood to stand on. She wobbles on tiptoes as this chab slices holes in her dominant. Her nipps push out. She’s a sexy adult baby doxy. He wrings her nipps and paws animal play her twat, then slips a hook in her gap, supposedly to take weight off her neck.

Metal ankle stocks widen her legs wide. Her lovely adult baby outfit is circumcised off to disclose 120’s mind blowing body. She’s beaten with a rod on the backs of her calves, hips, and a-hole, then underneath her melons. And the whore goes soaked!

She’s laid upon her abdomen and the metal stocks animalism her neck and animalism her ankles are handcuffed jointly causing incredible ache. She cries. But when Mr. Pogo pokes in her slit, 120 bonks herself, pumping rough. With her face in his crotch, that guy fingers her to big o. But this babe didn’t ask to come, so her feet are caned. More tears, but now the crotch in her face is rough, heavy, intense.

In five-point wooden stocks in a wall, all we watch of 120 is her head, hands, and lower legs, though we can hear the sound of her cookie being flogged on the far side of the wall. He appears on this side of the wall, beating her foot and hand. Pins are shoved into the delicate skin below her toe nails. On the other side of the wall, Mr. Pogo is propped inside her limbless torso. Her slit is flogged once more. Drool leaks in lengthy strings from her face hole as the marital-device hums.

Original FileName: 20041229 - 120 (120)

Format: real

Duration: 1:04:43

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

120 - InSex

120 - InSex

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120 - InSex