Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying pain play suffering coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Two cuties avid for passion try out a day of punishment animal training Insex. sonya is the softer of the 2. It’s effortless to make her squirm and shriek. 23, the complete contrary, registers barely a blip as the rod whacks her feet harder and harder. Suspended and permeated, 23 becomes cat-like, hissing with raunchy wish.

sonya spends quite a lot of time on her back, her wrists tied to ankles, a spreader bar keeping her open and accessible. The edge of a str8 razor shreds her garments. Then foot punishment starts. Caning and fire. sonya’s squirmy gazoo is a sight not in a short time forgotten.

When sonya is suspended in the same position, what a pretty view of these rounded cheeks, like twin moons. Poor sonya did not shave her muff in advance of showing up. Hairs are plucked from her labia - one animalism a time. The razor goes to work on her bush, metallic scraping delicate, desirable flesh. Alcohol is slapped onto her vagina afterwards. She screeches. And a trail of blood flows the length of her crack, from fur pie to wazoo.

Afterward, that babe is suspended as though in a swing. Her glamorous arse, made even tighter by the ropes, is spanked, punched, and flogged.

23 starts upon the floor, her legs fastened upward along the back of a chair, her wrists fastened to the feet of the chair. A ball and chain are locked about her neck. The blade of the razor crams against her neck, then downward against the tip of her teat. It slices her pantyhose, not at any time slitting into flesh, caressing her labia previous to slipping into the crease that hides her cunt. It is a bewitching pont of time. Her pantyhose are sliced open animal play the feet and the rod appears. The 1st strokes of the rod bring adult baby response from 23. So every whack is harder, harsher, until they resound with loud cracks. 23 let us go a soft expletive. Her breath comes in rasps, but this babe not ever screams.

During her suspension, her love tunnel opens like a throat, her love button a 10-pounder of flesh just above. Black-gloved fingers cram in and out of her pussy. An inflatable sex tool is shoved inside, the pump dangling down as though that babe sports a tail. She is left that way, expecting, wanting, her breath enormous, her mouth-hole wide, as though it can satisfy the pain of her other gap. She says afterwards that she’s willing to fuck. And conquer the world. In that order.

Original FileName: 20040424 - Tests 12 (Tests XII) (Sonya, 23)

Format: real

Duration: 43:39

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Tests 12 XII Sonya, 23 - InSex

Tests 12 XII Sonya, 23 - InSex

Tests 12 XII Sonya, 23 - InSex

Tests 12 XII Sonya, 23 - InSex

Tests 12 XII Sonya, 23 - InSex

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Tests 12 XII Sonya, 23 - InSex