Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying power exchange ache coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

The sky is pitch darksome when I discharge up in ottoman. My body is overspread in sweat but I am shivering and cold. The nightmare was so vivid, nearly real. It comes back to me in flashes. Like in a storm, how the lightening discloses anything for a brief pont of time. And then all is black once more.

I watch a abode in a miniature city I don't recognize. A chap in darksome grinning evilly as this chab throws me to the floor, tapes me up, and yanks my underclothes off. My ally tyler is in the bathtub groaning and convulsing with throat taped and shirt over her head. There is no thing I can do to aid her. I can't even assist myself.

I watch myself alone, thonged down to a card table, trembling in dismay. He stands above. Smoking. Watching. Deciding what to do now, what the next pain will be. The heat of his cigarette warms me when that guy nears. My skin is hungry to feel it is burn. He touches it down to my marangos. Softly animalism 1st, then harder, so that red dotted rings appear around my nipps. Then that guy drags it not fast down across my abdomen and crams it firmly into my love button. I groan and screech in ecstasy.

I am staked out with arms and legs widen wide and back arched over a thick, round log. Eyes closed, body motionless and drenched with oil. Exhausted and unable to struggle, I am no thing but a lifeless, muddy mass of flesh, an ornament for his lawn.

Then there's a cabin surrounded by woods and that same fellow with that same grin. He undresses us down and leads us into the wilderness like 2 dogs on a single leather leash. Our legs are held open with branches and this guy looks back to smirk animal training our stupid waddling walk. The heavy, splintery fake penis poked unfathomable into my cunt pokes and prods with every step, searching for a delicate spot. He tethers us to a tree and leaves us there, stripped, vulnerable, and restrained. Only able to communicate with hopeless eyes and muffled moans. Simultaneously, we strain to free ourselves.

I remember trees. Two of em, facing every other. And we are fastened to em, f0rced to share our soreness. Mouths stuffed with wooden gags, our cries mingle to create a single, anguished tune. I see tyler writhe beneath the ropes, rubbing her tender skin against the tough, scratchy bark. I watch the despair in her eyes. She is trapped. And so am I. He strikes her with a thin tree branch untill mangos and haunches are overspread with red lashes. I cringe animalism the sound of every wank and glance down animal play my own sensitive billibongs, made purple and bulbous by the leather around em. My time will come in a short time sufficiently.

The final thing I recall: that guy is grumbling and tossing me into a gap. "Gotta bury the evidence," I think this guy told. He covers me in foul packed tightly up to my neck. He brings tyler out, buries her head, and secures her feet with wooden stakes. After placing a ring gag in my throat, this guy unzips his panties and relieves himself, spraying pee all over the one and the other of us. Then this chab walks away, abandoning us.

I am left with that picture in my mind. A disembodied head and a decapitated body baptized with the urinate of our captor. Just the thought sends chills crawling down my spine. But I am safe animalism home. And there is no guy in dark. Because it was all just a fantasy. Right?

Original FileName: 20040428 - Garden Gnomes (Tyler)

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Garden Gnomes Tyler - InSex

Garden Gnomes Tyler - InSex

Garden Gnomes Tyler - InSex

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Garden Gnomes Tyler - InSex

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