Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power play castigation coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

There’s this game this babe played with the neighbour beauty. Fumbling with shoelaces and string, the youthful innocents would tie every other up and imagine all the cruel things a kidnapper could do to em. Eighteen years later, to the delight of Insex members around the world, spacegirl finds herself playing a similar game. Of course, the limits have changed since then.

Bound and gagged with pantyhose clamps, this babe sits on the studio floor, a cable noose pulling animal play the neck.

After an hour of languishing in the unrelenting metal, PD encourages the members to participate in her humiliation. Flexall burning her freshly hairless muff, that babe is bombarded with insults.

Once one more hour has passed, the humiliation session ceases. PD beats rhythmically animal training her bra buddies then allows the brave a brief rest previous to the real act starts.

At show time PD releases spacegirl from her tying and disrobes off her red cocktail costume. He ties her with legs bent and widen. Squatting atop 2 boxes, this babe pees into a pail.

On her back, a probe stretches her constricted wet crack wide for inspection. Her face hole is filled with a sponge gag; cotton clogs her nostrils. PD controls her air intake, squeezing and releasing a lengthy breathing catheter. In spite of her short air supply, spacegirl comes quickly animal training the touch of the sex-toy. Unfortunately, this babe forgot to ask for consent.

She is punished for her crime: rod strokes to her sensitive wazoo and haunches. Rolling on the concrete helplessly, that babe sobs and supplicates for forgiveness.

The grates of the high metal chair PD shackles her to next dig into her welted flesh. Tits are primed for torment, squeezed betwixt 2 steel bars. She screams hysterically as that guy pushes needles not fast throughout her constricted nipps. Blood trickles from the wounds as PD canes her trapped milk cans.

Restrained in wooden stocks, this babe is given some control with the rod. PD warms her up with the elephant’s trunk. She flinches and wails every time the thick leather contacts her pearly white skin.

PD seats her on the apparatus and orders her to accept his rod strokes. Silently, this babe absorbs the blows to her undressed, vulnerable backside.

She is rewarded for her punishment, the eroscillator applied to her palpitating love button. Within 30 seconds, that babe comes. Luckily for her, this time that babe remembers to ask 1st.

Original FileName: 20040707 - Cunt Face (Live Feed From February 10, 2001) (Spacegirl)

Format: real

Duration: 1:23:57

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Cunt Face Live Feed Spacegirl - InSex

Cunt Face Live Feed Spacegirl - InSex

Cunt Face Live Feed Spacegirl - InSex

File size: 452.9 MB

Cunt Face Live Feed Spacegirl - InSex