Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage dominance and submission pain intense pd enema 912 insexarchives

It’s Tyler and 822 versus Time. Five predicament tortures allotted 20 minutes every, steadily increase in ache to watch who breaks. Tyler takes clothespins, a torturous wrist and ankle bondage suspension from ankles and wrists, and a barbecue in which she’s the meat. Enfant terrible 822, fights and fusses her way throughout a predicament that involves nipp clamps, a hair tie, and a bucket of water. Afterward, 822 dons skin constricted Domme apparel to become PD’s helper. She tortures Tyler’s slit with a fake penis until Tyler, irritable and bitchy, implores to be caned.

It starts with Tyler hanging upside down, a ballgag in her face hole. Clothespins go on animal training the rate of 1 per minute, beginning with her teats. Clothespins below the arms and on marangos and bawdy cleft. Drool bubbles out around the gag. At 20 minutes, PD pulls the zipper, yanking em all except for one lonely clamp on her teat. He milks it for each ounce of torment this guy can acquire.

822 is fastened sitting cross legged, her hair fastened upward. 822’s teats are clamped and lashed to her ankles. A bucket hangs from her hair. As the minutes go by, the bucket fills with water. Weights hang on the domineer. 822 goes throughout one ballgag, a dental gag, then a bigger ballgag, which this babe somehow manages to break, much to her own surprise. So PD locks wood in her face hole, using a large metal duct clothespeg. The bucket of water is dumped on her head and she’s mopped. Her worst anguish.

Tyler’s on her belly, her elbows tied behind her back. Suspension bracelets attached to her ankles and wrists give a priceless idea of what’s in store. As time passes, the hoist is raised in increments. She’s pinched and tickled. Her love tunnel acquires pawed. She’s spanked. By ten minutes in, it’s clear that the strain on her back is immense. At fifteen minutes, she’s fully lifted into the air. Tyler groans and writhes, blowing out.

Tied into a metal frame animal play the waist, shoulders, ankles, and knees, Tyler looks like she’s in a roasting basket, willing to be fried. 822 shows up in a skintight dom, short shorts, and boots. She slathers oil all over Tyler’s body. Tyler’s roasted front and back. When she’s turned to the front another time, her body is bright red. A thermometer reads a hundred and five.

Seated with her neck locked in stocks, Tyler’s ankles are attached to the stocks so that her knees are up and widen. 822 administers the coup de grace, using a marital-device on her fur pie and fucking her with a vibrator. Tyler not quite kicks 822 twice (accidentally that babe says), obviously annoyed to the max. Desperate, but with 5 minutes to go, that babe implores to have her butt caned instead, then that babe tries to renege. Too late. 822 gives her five strokes, one for every minute, plus one greater quantity animal training PD’s insistence. Besides, she’s 822.

Original FileName: 20051001 - Tyler Live (Live Feed From November 18, 2000) (Tyler, 822)

Format: real

Duration: 1:13:05

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Tyler Live Live Feed 822 - InSex

Tyler Live Live Feed 822 - InSex

Tyler Live Live Feed 822 - InSex

Tyler Live Live Feed 822 - InSex

File size: 185.4 MB

Tyler Live Live Feed 822 - InSex

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