Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power play suffering hard pd enema 912 insexarchives

In Proposal 1, az gave herself to cyd. And for her 1st evening in his possession, this guy gave her fun as though lulling her into a coma. In Proposal 2, az pays a rough price for her fun. By the end, she’s growling, her eyes deranged, her body oozing, a hundred points of red smearing. Like her mascara, the way it runs like blood.

Bound upon her back on a metal grate, her ankles constricted to her haunches, her labia rings are fastened outward. A hook from her fur pie is fastened to her nose, f0rcing her head up, an incredible strain. As this guy torments her with the point of his knife, her skin is milky, flawless. A wonderful film of sweat bathes her face.

By this time her slit is oozing. But as time passes, this chab breaks her down. He slaps her. He suffocates her with a plastic bag. She sobs, breath control for air. With a catheter taped to the bag, this chab jams the other end over her cum-hole. He lights up a cigar and blows in smoke. She coughs and chokes.

On her back anew with her wrists and ankles manacled above her head. Two cigar cases – one fastened in her twat, the other in her butt. A plastic “funnel” f0rces her face hole wide. Cigar burns line the back of her haunches, the bottoms of her feet. The lit end of the cigar bonks the catheter in her cum-hole, then up and down in her arse. Ashes drop into her face hole. Yes, she’s distressed. Yes, she’s beginning to unravel. The cigar is dropped into her twat catheter, lit end out, lazily burning down. cyd appears to be happy, assured. cyd is willing to have his joy.

az’s body is filled with needles, chest, back, hands, arms, and legs. Seventy-five needles times 2 - end in, end out. The needles are fastened to fiberglass weenies, bent forward, pulling animal play her skin, keeping her immobilized. az growls and groans – a distraught form of mantra. A cattle prod takes aim animal play her skin. Her eyes freeze in place. “No please,” that babe says, very quiet, as though not to disturb, as though any noise animal play all could begin her screaming. He f0rces her to plead, “Please shock me once.” And after the one shock, this chab bargains for greater amount. Five shocks will reduce her time spent in the needles from 2 hours to 30 minutes. Is this babe rational now? When the body has gone eager, where is reason? She accepts his suggest.

az’s eyes. The bleak landscape of her face. And with every shock, madness spills like water, like blood. He sprays her with alcohol, causing the cocks to shatter. az shatters. She breaks.

As cyd walks up the stairs, leaving az beneath, star shows up. With nonchalance, cyd has her sign papers. In all innocence, this guy takes her downstairs in wristlets and manacles. He locks her head in an metallic blindfold. He makes her disrobe and shave her bawdy cleft.

az has heard star’s voice. And as cyd cuts the remaining strings attached to her needles, az screams. She makes noises no beast would wish to make. Her body is streaked with red, smeared with red.

There is no doubt. star have to be listening.

Original FileName: 20050528 - The Proposal Part 2 (AZ, 211)

Format: real

Duration: 1:15:02

Video: 424x240, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

The Proposal Part 2 AZ, 211 - InSex

The Proposal Part 2 AZ, 211 - InSex

The Proposal Part 2 AZ, 211 - InSex

File size: 243.9 MB

The Proposal Part 2 AZ, 211 - InSex

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