Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage dominance and submission soreness hard pd enema 912 insexarchives

Cyd scores large with Tamed, creating a “hard-hitting,” awe-inspiring Insex classic. Butting heads with enfant terrible 822, cyd attempts to flog her into shape, braising 822’s constricted body. But 822’s smart throat won’t let up. She catches cyd off guard early on, but not for lengthy. He becomes wise to her tricks and pretty soon she’s locked into the bifurcation wall and treated to a heady mix of needles, electricity, and a rod. 822 weeps. She supplicates. She falls to pieces.

Tamed starts with 822 locked into metal stocks. A cookie whipping brings forth hysterical laughter from her. From there, her behavior merely receives worse. She’s partly suspended and bound so that her arms are bent over her head and down to her back. The gag in her throat creates a constant string of drool. She gnashes animalism him, trying to bite him. He attaches wicked videos on delicate skin. She emits the matchless 822 scream, screaming and twisting. After this display, she’s belted to a rail and twat whipped once more. Then her arms are stretched above her head and she’s horse-whipped. A tangled mass of flog marks colors her skin. She turns 1st one way, then the other, protecting her love bubbles. So this chab purposefully wraps the flog around her body. The tip tears animalism her marangos.

On her hands and knees, 822’s neck is shackled in five directions. He’s locked her ankles locked down, but her hands are free. She busily unscrews a shackle. Repeated shocks from the cattle prod slow her down. But she’s bratty. She sticks out her tongue. She throws a disingenuous kiss. Finally, her wrists are locked behind her back. She’s presented with a sex toy. She bites it. She spits. He brings out the “elephant trunk” and wails away on her arse. 822 taunts cyd relentlessly, matching him wank for jack off. Before lengthy, her a-hole is so welted up, she’s as red as a wench in heat. But this babe one time anew bites the prick when it’s presented. More flogging. Mr. Pogo permeates her snatch. A leather paddle whacks away animalism her. She lastly assents to take up with the tongue Ms Pogo, complaining about the smack of baby powder.

cyd has had sufficiently. Locked into the bifurcation wall, 822’s wrists and ankles are manacled outward. Her neck is locked down. Surface-to-surface needles sew throughout skin on the backs of the one and the other hips. She screams. Then her face settles into the 822 glare. Attaching electrodes that are wired to a voice-activated stim, cyd cautions 822 to be quiet and then whacks her with a rod. It takes as many as 2 of her ear-splitting screams in advance of this babe learns the lesson of silence. As her desperation escalates, that babe pleads. She implores. Her eyes and voice quietly entreat him. He finishes her off with a dash of hawt sauce on the needles. 822 breaks. She weeps. Blood runs in streams along the back of her haunch.

Original FileName: 20050216 - Tamed (822)

Format: real

Duration: 1:26:35

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Tamed 822 - InSex

Tamed 822 - InSex

Tamed 822 - InSex

Tamed 822 - InSex

Tamed 822 - InSex

File size: 219.2 MB

Tamed 822 - InSex

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