Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying dominance and submission castigation coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Bondage pure and effortless, delivered in sonata form – straightjacket, shackles, straitghjacket. Strapped into institutional restraints and straitjacket, Caroline is made to engulf jock. Then she’s chained into a spectacularly fuckable position for the night. Morning brings a return of the straightjacket, this time accompanied by locking Caroline’s head in a box. She’s absolutely and completely screwed (literally). Straightjacket gives u raunchy tying animalism it is almost all stark - a restraint bondage lover’s fantasy.

White room, metal sofa frame, wooden slats. Caroline is hooded and belted constricted in a straightjacket. Institutional restraints attach her ankles to the footboard. Her head is thonged to the headboard. As time passes, sounds of whimpering come from below the hood. A bowl of food is set upon the slats beside her and the hood removed. She slurps up her breakfast. Fitted with a metal ring in her throat, she's f0rced to fuck his ramrod with her face gap. He thongs her neck to the couch and stands in front of her, banging himself into the back of her mouth.

Night. A beam of light moves along the ground, flashing onto her body. She’s handcuffed to six-by-six beams on her hands and knees. A metal frame fixes her neck in place. Chain pulls her waist downward, arching her back. And a tie leads from her hair to a hook constricted in her gazoo. By morning, she’s still manacled in place, exhausted and cold. He’s wearing a jacket. His breath steams. He lights a cigarette and looks her over.

Back anew in the straightjacket, her face hole is stuffed and taped. She’s hooded. To dom it off, a box snaps shut around her head. Straps widen her ankles, and the bawdy cleft belt of the straitghjacket is pulled back, showing her cunt. He thongs her knees outward, holding her wide open. A cat whips animalism her twat. Her fur pie swells and goes cherry red. Mr. Pogo impales her. Taped to the pole, a dildo burrows into her cunt, buzzing away. He leaves her that way.

All that babe can do is groan.

Original FileName: 20050119 - Straightjacket (Caroline)

Format: real

Duration: 28:54

Video: 424x240, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Straightjacket Caroline - InSex

Straightjacket Caroline - InSex

File size: 93.8 MB

Straightjacket Caroline - InSex

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