Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage pain play torment heavy pd enema 912 insexarchives

Coercive procedures are designed not solely to exploit the resistant source's inner conflicts and induce him to wrestle with himself but too to bring a superior outside f0rce to bear upon the subject's resistance. . . All forced techniques are designed to induce regression.Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual –1983, Central Intelligence Agency.

Sinister and cold, PD drops kassy into a pit of hell as stark and intoxicating as Dante’s Inferno. As she’s dragged throughout a horrific sequence of tortures by the grand inquisitor himself, it becomes clear – this way madness lies.

Squeezed tightly into a tiny cage set into a rock wall, kassy can hardly move. She’s left in the cage throughout the night, her wrists locked behind her back. Admonished for pissing, kassy looks deeply ashamed. Hard, ruthless metal is locked about her waist and neck. Then she’s sprayed down and left in the cage. To a priceless tormentor, this is just the prep work, the away of the 1st layer – her humanity.

Her ankles widen and locked to the floor, kassy wrestles with the anguish of metal squeezing her waist and neck. Her wrists are locked to the metal strap. She struggles to gulp from a pan of water placed near her head and sobs from the pain. A ballgag is locked unfathomable into her throat. Her waist is cinched one more notch tighter. Her breathing becomes shallow and quick. Remarkably, kassy comes when vibrated. But this babe didn’t ask affirmation. PD shames her, makes clear his unfathomable disappointment in her, after all that he’s done, bringing her in from the cold, giving her water to swallow. In a frigid, exacting voice, that guy demands that that babe make a decision her own discipline. But kassy is unable to answer.

The garrotte waits in a dim, somber black room. Its seat is of wooden spikes. The post is a six-by-six. The metal band for the face hole is indicative of the “improved” Spanish version that was intended (though not insured) to bring quickly, and was used in Spain until 1975. Hooded and with wrists chained, kassy is led to the garrotte. She’s seated and locked into place. The metal band for kassy’s neck is tightened by the turning of a wheel until her breath moans in her face hole. She’s caned. Another turn of the wheel. More hitting. More turns of the wheel. Every detail of kassy’s ache is read in her face. She’s caned on her hips, her melons, teats and fur pie. The garrotte tightens. kassy weeps. She can solely whisper now. And choke.

The cattle prod fondles her face like a lifeless hand. He shocks her pantoons. Shocks her arse so that she’ll bounce up and down upon the spikes. Shocks her snatch. Shocks her ear. PD is ice. He’s terrifyingly .

The lights go out. The rasp of kassy’s breathing.

Her sobs.

Original FileName: 20050615 - Maine Visit 3 (Kassy)

Format: real

Duration: 49:11

Video: 424x240, RV40

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Maine Visit 3 Kassy - InSex

Maine Visit 3 Kassy - InSex

Maine Visit 3 Kassy - InSex

Maine Visit 3 Kassy - InSex

Maine Visit 3 Kassy - InSex

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Maine Visit 3 Kassy - InSex