Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage dominance and submission castigation raw pd enema 912 insexarchives

Did angelene lose weight like a precious beauty, or will this babe face harsh drilling and humiliation in Insex Fat Camp 2? During angelene’s second Live Feed, this babe learns that a cattle prod is integral to an exercise regimen, and that a rod leaves long-lasting bruising impressions. For a complete clean out, plug her arse and administer an ugly-tasting fast-acting laxative, giving it time to work it is magic. Though in angelene’s case, the filthy bursts clear the room, leaving her hanging alone in her cage, waiting her next ordeal.

angelene’s neck and wrists are locked onto the wall, holding her in a sitting position. Her “chair” is a post with a sex tool that spears up inside of her. Sweat gleams on her face and chest, forming droplets as her endurance is sorely tested. She bargains rod strokes for 2 short periods of sitting on a real stool. Before the hitting, however, it is time for exercise. Sit-ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks take on an element of dismay as cyd stands by with a cattle prod, delivering quick training if this babe tries to rest. She gasps for breath after 3 minutes of breast-bouncing jumping jacks, ashamed that that babe is still out of shape.

Locked down onto her hands and knees, angelene awaits 19 rod strokes. She’s lost 2 and a half pounds, with fifteen large ones still to go – that’s fifteen rod strokes. Plus the four rod strokes for which this babe bargained. An agonizing, paced striking follows. angelene is in a short time reduced to tears. Each jack off sends waves of shock rebounding throughout her body. After 19 whacks, a series of severe hash marks line her a-hole. cyd gives her a pont of time of tenderness.

Her sphincter is lubed and a big gazoo plug with a dangling chain is poked into her aperture. She’s locked into the bird cage, her wrists chained. She sucks an ultra fast-acting laxative from a feed bottle. The smack of the stuff looks to be a anguish in itself. Her face contorts with each sip. She’s hooded and the awaiting starts. Her wet crack languishes, the labia folded jointly. As the pressure mounts, cyd tickles her, then shocks her with the cattle prod. It’s not until she’s in quite a lot of distress that cyd “pulls the plug”. But no thing happens. It appears she’s locked up in greater amount ways than one. Then the gush starts, splatting under her, one as well as the other solid and liquid. Her backdoor protrudes. cyd holds his nose. She’s left hanging as the crew escapes to a greater amount hospitable atmosphere. And so starts the await for Insex Fat Camp 3.

Original FileName 20050219 - Fat Camp, Part 2 (Angelene)

Format: real

Duration: 1:21:19

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Fat Camp, Part 2 Angelene - InSex

Fat Camp, Part 2 Angelene - InSex

Fat Camp, Part 2 Angelene - InSex

File size: 206.2 MB

Fat Camp, Part 2 Angelene - InSex

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