Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying pain play punishment coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

PD puts Koko on slow simmer as this chab immerses himself in a hardly any effortless scenes, using mindfuck, predicament restraint bondage, and a single, tiny tack to wear away animal play poor Koko.

At 1st, all u hear is her breathing, labored coz of the hood. Then the rattle of chain against the bedframe. She’s in the red bedroom. She’s bare, handcuffed, and manacled to the ottoman. When PD enters, this babe mumbles inside the hood. He tells her that babe needs greater amount control to keep her face aperture closed. He unzips the hood animalism her face hole and shoves in an inflatable gag, pumping it large. Drool pours out her face hole. He fingers her darksome cum-hole. Her love button is rough, sensitive. As PD presses the inflatable into her snatch then back into her face aperture, this chab fingers her love button. He torments her love button. He pumps the inflatable in her throat until this babe chokes. Then in her pussy until that babe screams. Her muff goes bright red. He bonks her throat. He bonks her cookie. When this babe lastly comes, that babe emits a series of shrill screams. He shoves the gag in her throat and tells her to shut up. He leaves. And this babe lies back down, expecting another time.

She’s on her knees on the daybed, her left ankle belted to her haunch. Her wrists are in strappado. PD ties her right ankle taut to the footboard, yanking her forward, forcing her arms higher. He leaves. She struggles with her situation, fretting, making unhappy Koko sounds.

On her belly with her wrists fastened behind, her right ankle is fastened chokingly taut to her neck. He ties her hair to the toe of her left foot, as though he’s being priceless to her. Now PD takes out his secret weapon. A adult baby tack. He pokes the sole of her foot. As that babe struggles, that babe chokes herself.

Now lying on her back, her ankles are fastened up and out to the dom corners of the footboard. Leather disrobes flog her toes back toward the ankle, keeping the soles of her feet presented. Her neck is thonged to the headboard and labia clamps claw animal play her vagina, pulling it open and out to the footboard. Her slit spreads out like the hood of a cobra. Now the adult baby tack returns. Endless pricking animal play the slave of her foot. She whimpers. She whines. He keeps tightening the thong around her neck to keep her still. Now that guy pokes adult baby holes in her other foot, moving down the calf and internal haunch. He targets her twat. She’s a flabby adult baby thing when this babe craves to protect her cum-hole from the tack. Mr. Pogo asses into her twat gap dry and is fastened to the couch frame, holding her still. As PD goes animal play her feet with the tack, this babe struggles, fucking herself and weeping.

Original FileName: 20050727 - Alone With PD (Koko)

Format: real

Duration: 1:02:30

Video: 424x240, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Alone With PD Koko - InSex

Alone With PD Koko - InSex

Alone With PD Koko - InSex

Alone With PD Koko - InSex

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Alone With PD Koko - InSex