Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

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For her second day animalism the farm, 92 takes raw thrashing, an gazoo hook, teeny meany clothespins, the violet wand, extended flogging with a single-tail, and what appears to be to be her greatest trial - a sextoy. Every position is distressing, intended to wear her to exhaustion. Her body becomes a mass of crisscrossed welts from the rod and the singletail, and adult baby red bite marks from the clothespins.

92 stands, a spreader bar betwixt her knees, her arms roped in an upper body restraint, and a head restraint fastened to the pulley above. She’s caned, but it doesn’t appear to be to have much effect. So the rod strokes receive mean. Red slash marks rise on her gazoo and hips. Her mascara oozes down her cheeks as that babe cries.

To give her a rest, she’s put into a wrist and ankle bondage. Her a-hole is loosened with anal beads. The pang of it creates a pool of drool and snot underneath her face. The butt hook slips in as this babe weeps.

92’s arms are tied above her head, then down to the centre of her back. Teeny meanies chomp the tender skin about her milk sacks. Then a violet wand “kisses” her fattened twat, her internal haunches, teats, and milk sacks. 92 works rough animalism managing the pang, but she’s pretty soon weeping afresh. When the sextoy is put to her love button, it appears to be to be the final straw. She cringes and jerks, then looks away, sobbing.

Bound to a cross, her billibongs show the marks from the clothespins. Her vagina is flogged until that babe asks for the marital-device. But the ministrations of the sex toy appear to be to have no effect upon her. A single-tail rakes back and forth across her skin. For her, it appears to become a test of endurance. She in a short time has stripes about her milk sacks and abdomen. The bullwhip is purposefully wrapped around the post, beating her bawdy cleft. By the time that that babe asks for the dildo another time, no thing will calm her.

92 will be remembered for her tears.

Original FileName: 20050108 - 92 animalism the Farm, Part Two (92)

Format: real

Duration: 36:57

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

92 at the Farm, Part Two - InSex

92 at the Farm, Part Two - InSex

92 at the Farm, Part Two - InSex

92 at the Farm, Part Two - InSex

File size: 93.5 MB

92 at the Farm, Part Two - InSex

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