711 – InSex

29 Jul 2013

Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage dominance and submission torment coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Tall and dark-haired, 711 comes to Insex looking for “the best.” She’s on the hunt for ache, which this babe finds in abundance. Her ordeal unwinds like a novel. You’re drawn in, caught in the tangle. And 711 – that babe learns that there’s soreness, and then there’s Insex.

Her ankles are fastened to her haunches. She’s wearing spike heels and fastened in place that way, resting upon these painful shoes with her arms bent back over a pole and fastened down. It has to be excruciating, the position. cyd reminds her of the night in advance of, the starting, and what this guy did to her.

711 took one hell of a thrashing. Bound flat on her belly, this babe was spanked like a impure adult baby floozy. But that babe suffered so enchanting. Her full lips. Her darksome mascara eyes.

Then the whipping. First leather, then rubber. Whipped heavy, whipped rough. He threatened her with the cattle prod and it was clear, her fear. No thank u, this babe told. But her dread was unmistakable. Instead, that guy made her count. Twenty nasty strokes. Teeth clenched. Fists clenched. No tears. Not yet.

A rod. Rapping her pleasant spot. The soles of her feet. Then the metal slasher ripped away animal training her soft white flesh, working lazily down one leg, then up the next. She roared with ache. She begged. He couldn’t care less.

A spreader bar held her ankles apart. Her legs were elevated behind. cyd pulled her slit open for inspection. An gazoo hook slipped into her gap, then fastened to her gorgeous black hair. Her face showed concern, astonishment. As though this babe didn’t know, didn’t do her research into Insex quite sufficiently. He screwed her vagina. She shivered. Nothing about it was enchanting. And then this chab smothered her with his hands. Her eyes glazed. Her face – so white. Beyond pale. 711 was gone.

So now we return to 711 the next day, her weight resting on these spiked heels, her arms tied backwards, over a pole. The position is grueling, impossible. We see her struggle. We see her fail.

She’s given water, made to reach for it. The thongs of her costume are circumcised. Her neck and chest are beautiful, strained. Clips pinch her love muffins, her nostrils, her inward haunches. It’s target practice. The crack of a signal whip brings that look back into her eyes, the “gone” look. Her whips her. She writhes. She screams. She disappears. 711 is way gone. Cyd removes the videos by hand. She can barely respond. A single leak of mascara runs from her eye. Her muff is massive, stunning. Ungodly.

Original FileName: 20050907 - 711 (711)

Format: real

Duration: 58:55

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

711 - InSex

711 - InSex

711 - InSex

711 - InSex

File size: 190.8 MB

711 - InSex

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