Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying pain play punishment coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

101! That zany doxy is locked into unrelenting, raw, restrictive metal restraint bondage. The inquisition-style collar is sluggishly tightened until that babe can’t speak, can’t gulp, can barely breathe. Saliva foams from her lips. Her milky skin, big eyes, excessive whoppers, and that pleasing 101 smile. All of this and Molly locked in a box. To dom it off, Sir Kai spanks 101’s sassy butt. The tying is terrifying, disastrous. It so becomes 101.

An ultra constricted metal “belt” cinches 101’s waist. Her ankles and wrists are clipped directly to the waist piece. Chain holds her down on her knees. A metal posture collar is locked onto her neck. As time passes, the collar is sluggishly tightened, constricting her voice and, of course, her breathing. A metal crotch piece is locked into place, blocking access to her cunt and holes.

No position satisfies. No comfort. No rest. A metal pole is attached to her neck, waist, and ankles, keeping her straightened out. By minute 18, this babe can barely speak. Her breath rasps. He tightens the collar one more turn. She groans, seeming to go into semi-consciousness. The collar is removed.

As she’s suspended with a rope restraint on her upper body, her toes fastened to an attachment point on the floor, PD canes the backs of her hips. Then a sex tool on a pole is pushed inside her. Two crosspieces, a knee spreader and an ankle spreader, keep her symmetrically screwed. A gift from Sir Kai, a rod named “The Thudder,” whacks her butt. She spins on her sex tool contraption.

Now Sir Kai sits with 101 lying over his lap. He gives 101 a much-deserved spanking, which just appears to be to flame 101’s spark. She leans over a chair, expecting to be caned. There’s smth Victorian about her position and PD swinging the rod like he’s practice his golf swing. She laughs and wags her arse. As welts begin to rise on 101’s wazoo, Woody comes out. Then a whipping. More thrashing. Some of the welts turn white.

At the end we are privy to smth peculiar. PD holds 101 on his lap, a uncommon pont of time of public affection.

Original FileName: 20050504 - 101 (Live Feed From March 29, 2001) (101)

Format: real

Duration: 41:59

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

101 Live Feed - InSex

101 Live Feed - InSex

101 Live Feed - InSex

101 Live Feed - InSex

101 Live Feed - InSex

File size: 106.2 MB

101 Live Feed - InSex