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A gripping collection of stories and vignettes with specific emphasis on skirts.

Cory is animal play her powerless, vulnerable most excellent in this exciting crime scene. Secretary Cory is sitting in her office, clothed in hawt office attire, when coworker Dick comes in to chat. Dick shocks Cory when this chab discloses his plan to steal the specie from the company safe and leave her fastened up and gagged in a storage room for several days. He binds her tightly with duct tape and leather belts. She looks amazingly scared and powerless as this chab stuffs a wad of packing in her throat and gags her with greater quantity duct tape. She is left alone to struggle and whimper futilely. Her shoes fall off as this babe rolls around inside the small room this babe has been left in. Later, Dick returns from his successful robbery and unties Cory. Just when that babe thinks her torture is over, Dick orders her to disrobe bare. She bashfully resists but that guy is quite insistent.

Stacy is busy working in her office in a very hawt business costume, complete with tan stockings and an highly short petticoat. An annoying coworker is hassling her with questions and unwelcome advances as this babe tries to acquire some important work done. Frustrated by her lack of positive response, the creep kidnaps her and takes her to his abode. Stacy is tied to a wooden kitchen chair in her business attire and gagged with a chunky cloth betwixt her teeth. She struggles against the ropes and groans helplessly into her gag. Her petticoat slips up, revealing her silky white slide and giving premium peeks of her pants. She is left alone to struggle for a very lengthy time, then her blouse is pulled open to expose her appealing, tanned bazookas.

Sexy golden-haired Cory looks breathtaking in any outfit that babe wears! In this scene, Cory is stretching out in a blue and yellow spandex muscular catsuit when that babe hears a suspicious noise in her apartment. As this babe investigates, a ebon thug sneaks up behind her and grabs her. He ties her tightly, still wearing her work-out costume, and gags her with a thick white cloth betwixt her teeth. She struggles enthusiastically, rolling around on the carpet and giving u captivating views of her hot adult baby body in the process. There are likewise some awesome shots of her gorgeous exposed feet. She struggles for a very lengthy time, but can not acquire free. The creep comes back to tell her this chab has cleaned her place out and this chab plans to leave her there, helplessly fastened up, until somebody finds her.

Darby is the hottest adult baby red head in tying! In this hawt vignette, this babe is fastened tightly to a shelf sort thing in the living room, with her wrists and elbows fiercely lashed behind her. She is totally nude except for sheer tan hose and a thick, white cleave gag. As that babe struggles, the crotch rope that babe is wearing digs into her cookie and her lengthy, red hair falls deliciously over her pleasant, pink teats.

Nina is one smokin sexy dark brown! In this tying vignette, this babe is fastened up in her office chair wearing very hot business attire. She has on tan stockings, shiny dark pumps, a short petticoat, and a white blouse that has been pulled open to disclose her luscious milk shakes. She is gagged with a thick wad of packing and a bandana. As this babe struggles, her shoes fall off to expose her pleasing stocking feet. She attempts to squirm closer to the telephone, but finds that babe is lashed likewise tightly to the chair.

Sultry blond Stacy stars in this gripping tying vignette. She is fastened on the floor wearing a lacy dark brassiere and lacy pink pants, and of course a thick darksome over-the-mouth gag! As that babe struggles, this babe rolls all over the carpet, giving u sensational views of her succulent wazoo, yummy melons, and enjoyable adult baby in natures garb feet. Stacy has a hawt, tanned body and one of the cutest faces in restraint bondage!

Darby and Vanessa are tied on the couch in hot business attire in this thrilling vignette. Each of the women wears a white blouse, short petticoat, and shiny pumps. Darby has on tan hose, and Vanessa wears sheer darksome stockings. Their whimpers are muffled with thick cleave gags as they struggle to free themselves and every other. As they fight against their strict restraints, their shoes fall off. They try to untie every others ropes with their nyloned feet out of success.

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Bound and Gagged 16 av 2003

Bound and Gagged 16 av 2003

Bound and Gagged 16 av 2003

Bound and Gagged 16 av 2003

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Bound and Gagged 16 av 2003

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