Studio: Insex

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Torture, Piercing, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore

So when Az arrives animal play the farm, ScotT hands her a letter from cyd. It sets the conditions for her servitude. Following instructions, Az undresses, locks a collar about her neck, assumes the ordered position, and waits. In this 1st movie of a series, az is locked down, punched, suffocated. It's merely the starting. az's love tunnel, nipps, and cookie - her whole being - now belong to cyd. az's sole task is to please. Having tied and gagged angelene, cyd busily carves her flesh, lapping her blood. This is when az calls, offering herself to cyd. How can this chab refuse? Once animalism the farm, az gets her orders. Naked, collared, and kneeling, that babe waits for cyd, aware of the camera that watches her each move. Struggling to obey, that babe holds her position, even though it means pissing all over the floor. When cyd lastly arrives, this guy uses her face to wipe it up. He orders her to clean herself. She dresses in raiment he’s laid out, a lace belt, lace-topped nylons, halter suit, and spike heels. He makes her manacle herself to the couch, widen eagle. Now she’s his for the taking. When asked about sex, az answers. She loves anything. Her nipps are bound to her cum-hole. A suction pump engorges az’s love button, engulfing it into a catheter. Her raunchy wish goes higher and higher. She’s permeated. She’s punched. Her soaked slit ignites. She comes. A sex-toy acquires her off a second time. He smothers her, tormenting her vagina. Cyd puts her to sofa for the night with a sex-toy and marital-device in place, keeping her juicy and moist. For az, her 1st night of submission was an evening of enjoyment. Perhaps he’s lulled her. Maybe this babe doesn’t suspect her danger... maybe. az didn’t watch angelene’s carved flesh. But we did. Az is in over her head.

Format: avi

Duration: 53:52

Video: 848x480, XviD, 746kbps

Audio: 125kbps

Proposal # 1 (Angelene, Star & AZ) Insex

Proposal # 1 (Angelene, Star & AZ) Insex

File size: 348.9 MB

Proposal # 1 (Angelene, Star & AZ) Insex