For having committed serious misdemeanors, 2 delinquent gals are the 1st to become acquainted with this unequalled and soreness machine.
Firmly belted onto the peculiar torture frame, they await with their stripped posteriors fully bare for the remorseless discipline dealt out by the world´s 1st computer-operated striking machine.
Once programed, the spanking machine is a heartless robot that delivers it is evenly spaced blows out of the slightest hint of compassion and with intensity on the bared bottoms of it is meriting victims
An automatic raising and lowering mechanism ensures that the rod strokes won´t land on the exact same part of the butt cheeks every and each time.
This precaution in no way diminishes the visibly swollen and intensely painful welts that those youthful babes will bear for weeks to come as they remember this terrible training machine.

Studio: Pain4Fem

File size: 99.6 MB

Spanking machine - Hanka

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