Release Year: 2013

Cast: Jayne


As our film starts, we watch Jayne a natural redhead with gorgeous blue eyes, walking down the street in NYC. But, why does the scene look so familiar? Because she's entering the infamous Hellfire Club to kee an SM/BD appointment with the sinister Master Rick Savage.
As Master Savage demands her full and complete subjugation we discover Jayne tied head to toe with blue rope, with the main rope going from her panty clad twat to a pulley on the ceiling. With surgical skill Rick cuts the pants away with a sharp utility leaving her soreness ridden labia rubbing against the harsh scratchy twine. The slit agony proceeds with a solid thrashiong using a rubber cat o nine tails.
As the camera pans throughout the Hellfire's renowned chain wall, we watch our crimson haired sufferer chained to a cross. The Master starts a vilolent gazoo torture session using a riding crop to redden her well rounded butt cheeks.
In our climatic scene, Jayne is wrapped in enormous metal chains and fastened with rope to a jail cell door. Master Savage decorates her bra buddies and teats with over 30 hairpins, A ball gag in her face hole stifles her screams of anguish as this chab slaps the hairpins off with a captains daughter. Welcome to the Hellfire club, Jayne.

Format: mp4

Duration: 57:34

Video: 600x400, AVC (H.264), 1460kbps

Audio: 125kbps

Hellfire Club Submission (2013)

Hellfire Club Submission (2013)

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Hellfire Club Submission (2013)