Release Year: 2013


One Dominant Master takes on 2 submissives animalism one time and subjugates one as well as the other to his whims as this guy inlicts his harshest drill on the one and the other animal training one time. In a gym settng, 2 pleasant irls are brutalized by a domineering male with a captains daughter o nine tails and some other tool meant to show the angels who is the slaver here. Though they cry out pitifully, there is no escaping the cruelty of their Master. Two angels, 2 cat o nine tails o nine tails...but the Dom uses one as well as the other flogger o nine tails on one angel animal training a time, during the time that the other fascinating thing acquires to see her ally suffer, knowing that babe is fated to be next, and no thing can save her from the brutal discipline this babe is destined for.

Format: mp4

Duration: 39:48

Video: 544x416, AVC (H.264), 1505kbps

Audio: 127kbps

Dominating Two Submissives (2013)

Dominating Two Submissives (2013)

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Dominating Two Submissives (2013)