Studio: Insex

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Torture, Piercing, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore

My name is A2. I am a restraint bondage model. I’m going to take u behind the scenes and truly explore restraint bondage work. When I 1st started tying, I was scared. Not knowing what to await or how you’re going to be fastened up. When I’m bound in a position I don’t think I’ll be able to move. Once I’m fastened, a gag will be placed in my face hole,. leaving me unable to talk. From then on I will be in pang. My work is to fulfill someone’s raunchy wish. Being fastened and having my love tunnel and love bubbles played with is not all that pleasure. I feel so feeble. I’ve had my legs and arms bound to 2 pieces of wooden sticks. My milk shakes were taped with electrical tape as I was suspended into mid-air. During suspension, I feel the blood rushing to your head. My arms and legs go numb. That’s merely the starting. Then I was beaten with a rod. That hurts. A adult baby piece of a wooden stick, that keeps on whacking me on my gazoo and scones. I don’t know about other models but, I have very sensitive skin. When I am beaten I feel each bit of ache. When my meatballs are caned it hurts very much. The almost any sensitive parts of my body are being hurt. My latest scene, I was rope fastened to a bedpost. My arms fastened behind my back. My milk shakes were belted with a leather rope. My legs were bound in a stubble position. As ordinary I had a gag in my face hole and my nose was in a pig situation. I had a wooden sex-toy in my vagina. I was being caned on my love button. I likewise had a marital-device used on me. As any woman’s body would do, I became very juicy and moist. I try not to think of the ache but that’s all I go throughout as a restraint bondage model. What do I mean by pang? To be helplessly bound and unable to do everything I’m beautiful scared. Just being scared intensifies my pang. When I’m bound up in certain ways, knowing that I’m going to be harmed is stressful. A miniature stick like figure striking me is not as facile and elementary to take when it hits me. When I acquire struck, all I feel is the suffering going str8 to my brain like OUCH! When I receive whipped my skin receives hard and sore. I don’t wish to put up with the pang, but it goes away. When I’m in mid-air, soever part of my body I’m hanging from is usually in ache. To be lifted by some part of my body is amusing in a way. I can stay in the air for a whilst, but one time I’m taken down my body feels all weird. After I have been in one position for so lengthy and then receive untied, I feel stuck in that same position.. Then my body will loosen up and feel conforming another time.

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A2 Kidnap (PD) Insex

A2 Kidnap (PD) Insex

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A2 Kidnap (PD) Insex

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