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Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Torture, Piercing, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore

When the clock struck 10 I melted animal play PD's initial touch. The 1st sensation of his hand was soft and gentle then in the matter of seconds I was breath control and suffocation! Struggling with the circumcised off air I managed to look directly into the lense of the camera reminding myself that people the world over were about to witness rough force swap and I was the object of ache! Cold scissor blades scarring off my carefully chosen outfit left me feeling powerless. The one leg semi suspension opened my cum-hole for the world to watch. I could not shy away by attempting to shut my legs since the tying was so strict. A weakness of mine is dealing with any type of ache inflicted on or even near my vulva but I endured the flogging, surprising myself, but not out of whimpering, of course. I have a dream of being objectified and when PD told "Let's receive some detail on this cunt" I knew I was right where I yearned to be. The bishop contraption was terrifying. Imapled by an electrical monster it was all up to my balance or else a horrible shock would jolt throughout my body. It was much likewise hard for me... I became so parched from the loud screams I uncontrollably given away I ended up begging PD for water which that guy just spit it in my face. How humiliating- *yum*. I could not take the suspense when that guy decided to subjugate the shocks. He was takng me over the edge. The foot pain device I was locked into was astonishing. PD fastened every toe individually... which is yet one more one of my kinks. I have not ever experienced flames on my soles in advance of and that scared me quite a bit. If I have at no time tried smth I am hesitant to do it- merely coz I do not know what to await. The thrashing on my underarms was some other sensation I have not at any time felt. It was very painful but I still proudly wear the marks. I had completely no drill. I could not move my feet animal play all. I was absolutely vulnerable. I was on an emotional rollercoaster. One pont of time screaming as loud as my vocal cords allowed. The next weeping softly to myself. Then smiling from my heart. I left that night with actual rod marks on my soles which I not at any time thought was possible considering how tough the skin is. Tied to the chair. Gasping for my right to breathe. Feeling desperation as that guy controlled the catheter of fascinating oxygen. Having a line crossed by the gauze being poked up my nostrils. Every one of those elements helped in my reaching big o... 3 in a row no less.

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Live Feed From 31.03 FULL Version (Molly) Insex

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Live Feed From 31.03 FULL Version (Molly) Insex

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