11 Mar 2013

Release Year: 2008

Cast: Marina

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Fetish, Oral, Hardcore, All Sex

Video language: English

22 year old Marina lately converted to Catholicism, in fact, that babe showed up as a nun.
Sister Marina is discovered handcuffed inside of a suspended cage, rosary beads hanging from her rectal hole. A ball gag secured in her throat. She's in natures garb save for the upper portion of her habit. Her neck is locked in the upper portion of the cage whilst her exposed gazoo rest on the cold iron bar below her. The rosary beads hanging betwixt the bars from her shit gap. Occasionally we hear a chain rattle about as this babe searches for a greater quantity comfortable position, her breathing audible. Suddenly Brother JR pops in wearing his Sunday most good and pops in the vaginal stimulator. Once inserted and the force turned on we watch Sister Marina begin to receive fidgety. Her breathing acquires truly quick and this babe begins to try and speak throughout the ball gag. The force is increased and that babe becomes audible. The force set to rise and fall in waves of intensity. And when the wave rises to it is pinnacle so does Sister Marina. A hopeless, pleading sound coming from her. Brother JR comes back out and has her kiss the crucifix and then tosses Holy Water up n her. Which apparently burned judging from her reaction. It was applied copiously about the face and body during the time that that babe drooled from her ball gag. Brother JR then starts to read from the bible in the presence of Sister Marina. I Corinthian 1 - 11. Afterward, this chab rips the page from the bible and tells Sister Marina to eat it. She resists this request which forces Brother JR to hold her nose shut and expect her need to breathe. She could hold her breath a lengthy time. But lastly that babe gasped and the page was poked in her face aperture right as this babe sucked in a big drink of air. She chewed on it a bit but then suddenly spit it out. It was caught and once more her nose clamped shut until this babe gasped for breath. This time this babe chewed it down to adult baby pieces and drank it. Little particles of it still peppered over her face hole and chin. It took her quite some time to receive it masticated and into her abdomen. I had her open her throat and show u, The Viewer, that babe had eaten it. All we could watch were the juicy paper crumbs littered about her tongue and throat. That's when I ripped one more page from the circa 1837 bible and fed it to her anew. She was beside herself about eating one more piece. All I could hear was "no, no, no..." as I poked the next page in her face aperture. It was a large piece also. I think it may have been the entire big-ass page of I Corinthians. She begins to gag on it, I hold my hand over her face hole to prevent any purging of the Word. And when the Word was lastly drank one more page of I Corinthians was ripped from the bible, used to wipe her twat juice from her seeping snatch and then that was used to wipe her juice all over her face. Sunday school is now over.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 1:07:03

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