Luna (0072 / 15-01-2009)

Release Year: 2009

Genres: POWER PLAY, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Spanking, Fetish

Video language: English

24 year old Luna is Into The Attic on her 1st visit. Tall, big bra buddies that needed punishing and a adult baby nervous. Let's receive started.
Luna 1st finds herself presented with a four foot high by 2' x 2' clear cage to climb into. The cage is so clear initially, u can't even watch the sides. She's asked to climb in fully dressed; scarf, coat, lengthy panties, boots. She's said to change raiment in spite of the electrical pads sitting on the submissive of the cage. Once inside, the cage is suspended and swung as we see her change into a latex shirt and clear stiletto heels. Her scones are so large that babe can't receive the latex shirt to even look like it wishes to fit properly. A pair of times we watch this babe shocks herself, becoming surprised. She receives interviewed. It doesn't take lengthy in advance of the cage starts to fog up. Once exposed, she's asked to put her large wobblers up against the glass and squish em for us. To put her box up there likewise. By the time this babe acquires the likewise miniature heels on she's got the cage all fogged up so that babe grabs the squeegee hanging on the wall and begins to clear the glass for us. Since this babe said us this babe loves to masturbate so much this babe receives a pair of items to play with inside; a big sex toy and a tiny Hitachi. She entertains us with a adult baby peep show as her cage fogs up and receives swung anew.
Luna finds herself being placed into a strappado. A spreader bar is attached to her ankles and that babe has copper sheets placed below her feet. A microphone is placed near her neck that controls the electricity running into the copper below her feet. Each time this babe makes a sound this babe will be shocked. The teats on her 36DD titties are fastened off the floor below her. Right away there is a sound, this babe receives shocked, freaks out and bucks which pulls one of her nipp clamps off. Let's try once more. Once the clothespin is returned that babe acquires flogged on her booty. She's asked questions. She's flogged greater quantity. She keeps getting shocked. Pools of drool keep slapping the floor. The Hitachi is brought out and that babe goes into La La Land. She makes those groaning sounds like she's in need of smth. I make her ask u, The Viewer, to "please put a rope around my neck coz it will make my agonorgasmos better". It was nice-looking tough to understand her, what with her 1st ball gag stuffed in her face hole and anything else that was going on. But after a pair of tries that babe got it out. Once the neck rope is installed the electricity receives turned up and she's flogged further. She tries desperately to keep from pulling off the teat clamps. More electricity is applied and then the Hitachi is brought to bear on her bushy muff. Within just a minute or so that babe begins to spray. Heaving amounts of fluid are ejected. This is one of these uncommon types of sprays that too contains the angels cum. It's a mixture of light and rough fluids. It just type of hangs in the air. She makes a serious mess. Without assent. She pulls a nipp clothespeg off. Now she's begging to cum afresh. We watch she's beginning to spray just a adult baby as that babe entreats for assent. I tell her to ask me to turn up the electricity. She's despairing. She's begging as wads of spit and lengthy strings of mucous are falling from her face holes. She keeps begging and I keep telling her to ask me for greater amount vigour. She supplicates. She tells me it already "fucking hurts". Finally that babe relents and ask me to turn it up so this babe can have her big o. She quietly tells us this babe is cumming. She doesn't desire to set the microphone off. As this babe breathes large bubbles of spit emerge around her lower lip. Appearing and disappearing with the cycle of her breath.
Now Luna finds herself about to meet Luther. She had said me earlier that that babe wondered if it was a real thing. Wonder no greater amount. Luna is going to give us a Luther 1st. She's going to have a Neti Pot in advance of getting started with the attack. With her elbows brought jointly behind her back this babe gives herself an ITA Neti Pot; this babe runs about a cup of saline throughout her nose and then greets Luther. She begins by getting a full 3 inches down right away. Occasionally this babe will fondle it with her tongue, like she's making love to it, previous to unfathomable throating it another time. I ask her to gag on it. Again. Again. She assures me that babe cant live without to engulf rod.
Luna now finds herself getting her large 36DD's fastened up. Once they are fastened they receive flogged. Once the flagellation receives up to a priceless painful level that babe type of just leaves her throat open and closes her eyes. Then the rod comes out. Her biggest wobblers will be punished for being so big. And so they are. Caned until this babe has bright marks appearing. Her torment level brought right up to maximum and then she's ring gagged. Her hips are caned. Her breasts are caned anew. The Hitachi acquires placed on her muff. She acquires weak. Desperate. She asks to cum. Denied. Instead, I tell her to ask u, The Viewer, to whip her billibongs. In fact, I make her just keep asking u this over and over and over anew. Her need is so despairing that this babe has a very difficult time delivering the line. Very distracted. But I make her keep doing it --in spite of the ring gag and all the drool falling from her throat. After that babe has a biggest big o in her pants I take em off, wipe up all the fluids she's ejected onto the floor, then ring the pants out over her head and stuff em in the gap the ring gag left in her face. Naturally, I tape that in with clear tape. In fact, I tape up her whole head. I use way greater quantity tape than necessary; her face all contorted. Once she's all taped up this babe acquires electrodes attached to her teats. When that babe feels the electricity in em this babe audibly gasps. The Hitachi is placed on her cookie and that babe quickly ask affirmation to cum. She's allowed several orgasms in advance of being said to lie down on the floor, next to the biggest moist spot she's made. She is promptly placed in a wrist and ankle bondage, feet caned and brought off to a spraying big o. When she's done, she's said to wiggle her way over into the large juicy spot she's left.

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Luna (0072 / 15-01-2009)

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Luna (0072 / 15-01-2009)

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