Release Year: 2008

Genres: POWER PLAY, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Fetish

Video language: English

22 year old Chloe is a complete neophyte to the world of tying and POWER PLAY. Young, gracious and ready. Hmm, maybe ready is a bit of a stretch. This hottie had several key restrictions --in spite of what u hear in the "Couch Interview". She couldn't be tied up very tightly nor would this babe allow her nipps to be drilled with. As well, that babe had a very low suffering tolerance. So with those limits we got started.
First off is a adult baby bit of 'behind the scenes' activity that takes place in advance of a discharge even starts. The "Couch Interview". This is the interview conducted with the angel just after this babe signs the paperwork for the discharge but just in advance of we receive started. It is here that I determine how far a gal is ready to go as well as what sort of things that this babe is into. This is where I receive the actual vib of the beauty. The dos and don'ts. Naturally, this has all been determined in advance of this babe even arrived to The Attic. But I always go over this information one time greater quantity, in advance of we begin. Best to make certain everybody is still on the same page.
Next up we discover Chloe suspended from the ceiling in a chair. Arms in a strappado behind her back, rope around her neck. Her toes are bound off to points on the floor. She is fully clothed during the time that being interviewed. It is here we find that babe has not ever been bound up previous to. It doesn't take lengthy to discover out that this beauty is truly distracted. When I asked her what her measurements are it was as though somebody tossed a stick in the spokes. Everything came to a halt and this babe started stuttering. Well, shit, I just got up and stuck the Hitachi on her slit throughout the jeans this babe was wearing and that type of made anything OKAY afresh. In fact, her eyes closed, her face took on a stony type of look and this babe started letting out adult baby groans of enjoyment. Gasps, even. Sometimes her face hole would just fall open, eyes still closed, and you'd hear the words, "oh, fuck" come out. Then she'd remember that there was a room full of people and she'd receive a large smile on her face and become somewhat self-conscious. But that didn't stop her from telling me "that feels truly good." Once that babe was close to cumming she'd acquire actually self-conscious and stave it off with large smiles and nervous laughter. About that time I just grabbed her shirt and brassiere and yanked em down so we could have a admirable look animal training her milk shakes. She's smiling the entire time. When I asked her if her love tunnel was juicy this babe gave me the large affirmative. I make her tell u, The Viewer, that I crave "a large moist stain in my panties." She is quite self conscious on the matter. Now that her pants are all juicy it's time to move on...
Next up for Chloe is a adult baby time spent zipped up in a duffel bag. She acquires tied hand and foot, zipped in and a adult baby flagellation act takes place. Afterwards, she's unzipped, ankles fastened up and pulled toward the ceiling and the Hitachi popped on her love button. A adult baby Hitachi act and then it's on to the Eroscillator. If u like to watch a very beautiful youthful hotty brought off with a sex toy this day is your fortunate day! That Eroscillator wasn't on her clitoris no time animal play all in advance of this babe started oozing. It was not quite like a petite gap was started in a dike. Little bits of spray started bursting forth all around the Eroscillator. Sometimes beneath pressure and sometimes it just petered out and ran down to her arsehole. It was quite a bit folks. We got u some worthy up close and personal footage of her 1st time spraying. Silly beauty. Too bad that babe didn't wax her arsehole. Whoops, here cums one more blast of fluid. Her dark hole is all winking animalism me, her Kegel muscles are getting squeezed, she's squirming about and then I hear her say "Oh my god". The duffel bag down by her muff is just filled with her spray, her fluid. I let her know when I was done she'd need to rub her face all in it. Even that babe told smth about how large a mess this babe made. She didn't crave to stick her face in it either. She fought me on that one. So I discovered her pants and sopped up the fluid and then pushed the pants into her face aperture. Next, I put the Hitachi on her clitoris and proceeded to acquire greater quantity fluid out of her. When it was over, I made her admit that babe liked having her pants pushed in her face hole.
Next for Chloe is a adult baby cross time; crucifixion style. She's so cute and looks so fine fastened to that cross. She's quite securely fastened and feeble. So, that's when I take out the riding crop and flog the dom of her haunches. I make her tell the camera "I don't like pang also much." Rather heavy to make out what this babe says to us with that ball gag in place. Nice full lips wrapped around it. Oops, is that drool making it is way out? After flagellation her haunches I push a petite Hitachi totally into her snatch whilst keeping the industrial Hitachi firmly planted on her love button. She is given clear instruction not to have an big o. Damn, that babe truly has some of the nicest legs into The Attic. She's so spacey, so dreamy. She just keeps mumbling shit that I can't make out. Her head keeps going from side to side in some slow motion dance. Big smile on her face in spite of the ball gag. I stop and use the Eroscillator next. Now her eyes close. The smile is replaced with a look of torment. Her hands are now in fists. After a not many seconds that babe ask consent to cum. No. I said her to ask me to singletail her instead. Still in her somewhat catatonic state, we watch her shake her head back and forth to indicate that babe isn't going to do that. Well, I guess u aren't going to have your big o then. So this babe lastly ask to be whipped. I make her tell us that that babe can't hold her O off any longer, that this babe needs to be whipped for it. This type of thing makes her terribly self-conscious. But instead of flagellation her I just keep working her love button over. Soon, a large wad of drool rolls out from betwixt her full lower lip and the ball gag. She now is asking for me to whip her bazookas. So I do. It was pleasure. Smacking these marangos with the captains daughter. After a bit I stuck my finger in her slit, got it all juicy, then wiped it right below her nose during the time that a large string of drool wafted about from her lip. In fact, there's just so much drool running out now that I take my finger and catch it so I can make her face all ribald. Then I smacked her love bubbles. She didn't like that. But I said her, if u desire to have an O u get to take one more hit across the chest of the greatest intensity. So we did. And with that out of the way this babe got the Hitachi placed on her love button. This just sends her into a zone. A state of semi-coma. She has a constant stream of drool that runs down her chin. Eyes closed. Murmurs escape from her gagged face hole. Soon she's trying to pull her legs closed and that babe keeps moving up and down as much as this babe can. Suddenly, a large wash of spray cascades from her pussy and she's bent animal training the knees. After the torrent of juice I grab a paper towel, sop it up and then wipe it all over her face. I mean all over it. Then I ask her if that babe feels more excellent in my almost all condescending voice. And cuz that babe made such a mess I took the liberty of punishing her muff with the cat. But then, I couldn't aid myself and I whipped these bazookas afresh. To my utter amazement, this babe flipped me off!
Chloe is now presented with Luther. With her elbows and wrists fastened behind her she's positioned for service. Right away that babe begins complaining about how big it is. How that babe "totally can't do this". Of course, we know differently. With some, what do u call it,,,,prodding, this babe was encouraged to stick it into her face hole. OKAY, that babe was solely able to acquire a small in number inches in but let's face it, this babe looked glamorous darn fine doing it. She's nice-looking. Luther fills up her throat. I mean, her jaw is like unhitched to acquire it in there. Nice full lips. Every time this babe complained I said her to shut up and choke on it. And complain that babe did. Mouth is likewise petite, Luther is likewise large, I can't do it, I desire I could do greater quantity, I'm just going to do the tip --fuck, shut up. Just engulf it for god's sake. There animal play the end that babe gave it a greater quantity concerted effort. But right during the time that that babe was unfathomable throating it I said her about all the angels who'd likewise drilled Luther. Well, that drilled *her* up.
The final scene we have Chloe in a hog tie on the concrete floor. Fuck, she's such a lightweight I just dug right in with the tiny Hitachi. Lots of smiling, self-conscious laughter and cookie juice. So much cum-hole juice I had anybody go and grab me a spoon so I could dig it out and feed it to her. Son of a whore, in advance of that person could even receive back with the spoon this babe let out some other torrent of fluid. So much fluid it washed all the twat juice out of her slit. No one has ever sprayed as much as Chloe just did. There was a petite pond on the floor of which I could watch a pine needle floating in it.
You may discover her exit interview of mild interest. That is, if u want to learn a tad bit greater amount about Chloe.
She was a spacey, dreamy angel. One of the greater amount difficult angels to work with. But I liked her.

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Chloe (0048 / 21-08-2008)

Chloe (0048 / 21-08-2008)

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Chloe (0048 / 21-08-2008)

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