Mr. W. runs the unsafe nuclear force plant for "Scorpion, Inc." When Dr. Rain (Audra) refuses a bribe to alter the radiation levels report, this guy sends Celeste St. Germain to her abode to steal the records. Dr. Rain returns earlier than expected, disrupting the theft, and Celeste is coercive to tie her up and report to Mr. W. the complication. When Celeste exits the abode for a bit, Dr. Rain receives loose, jumps Celeste and ropes her to a chair. She calls Mr. W. and says she'll have him sent up for this. So Mr. W dispatches thug J.J. Myst to take care of the situation. J.J. bursts in the abode, ropes up Dr. Rain and unties cohort Celeste. Then J.J. receives the call from Mr. W. to take care of Celeste as well, since her shortcomings drilled up this operation. So this chab tackles Celeste and hogties her in an upstairs bedroom as that guy searches the abode for the radiation records. He grows tired of looking and disrobes the one and the other sweethearts and ties em on the daybed, where Dr. Rain confesses this babe not ever even took the records from her car. J.J. goes outside to watch if she's telling the truth, solely to discover that Celeste, when that babe had gone outside in advance of, had rigged Dr. Rain's car with a bomb to take care of the inspector after this babe would have fled. But it took care of J.J. instead. And, unfortunately, the radiation records also, letting Mr. W. off the hook another time. But Celeste eventually wriggles loose, with a vendetta against her former boss. In the second segment, "Bondage Daydreams" housewife Nicollette Marseilles reads tying magazines and comics all day and fantasies about being nabbed and bound up afresh and once more. And when spouse Isaac returns from a rough day of directing restraint bondage films, Nicollette has a specific request....

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Harmony Concepts - Scorpion Inc IW-11

Harmony Concepts - Scorpion Inc IW-11

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Harmony Concepts - Scorpion Inc IW-11

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