Release Year: 2012

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Torture, Piercing, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore

It all begins reasonably sufficiently, with spanks, slaps and pinches, met with sighs of joy and smiles - an early indication that this is not a beauty waiting an simple ride. Caning her butt, snatch and billibongs serves adequately as a warm-up for what is to come. Next Magick tests her fitness, as this babe runs on the spot, encouraged with a human hair signal whip, but that babe is very quickly breathless. Deciding this is a symptom of her smokin habit, this guy demonstrates the point, blowing smoke in her face and making her smoke cigarettes as this babe proceeds to run. Sharp clamps bite into her teats, her throat serves as an ashtray as greater quantity cigarettes are added, smokin 3 animal play a time, and stuffed in her nostrils - all the time running and breath control for breath. Finally this babe is allowed to rest and recover with a mouthful of ash, as clamps and clothespins are attached across her entire torso. Made to stand with a glass full of water in every hand, way out to her sides, her muscle discipline and subjugation are put to the test as the pins are whipped from her body whilst that babe tries not to spill a drop. With pins re-attached over her face that babe need to then tidy up the resulting mess, and move on to a series of shove ups, encouraged all the way with a spiteful leather belt. This would be sufficiently for majority beauties, but with Mei we're just getting started, as that babe is made to hold a crab position, held in place by the clamps on her twat and new vids from her teats attached to a ceiling winch. It is in this extremely stressful postion that this babe is rewarded with an agonorgasmos, in the full knowledge that moving with tear the clamps from her almost any tender areas. Magick binds her with ropes, whilst the camera crew amuse themselves, keeping her attention by wandering on set to chastise and pinch her, and beat her with belts and canes, previous to this babe is hauled into an unside down suspension. Hanging by her ankles, that babe is plunged, head 1st, repeatedly, into a garbage bin full of freezing water, as her face is slapped during the time that that babe gasps for breath. Needles pierce her nipps and snatch and the dunkings proceed, interspersed with water poured over her face filling her nostrils and stinging her eyes. Under those bizarre conditions that babe lastly breaks down in panic and distress, and is left, swinging by her ankles, to catch her breath.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 1:12:06

Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps

Audio: 429kbps

Welcome To Hell Slave M - S

Welcome To Hell Slave M - S

File size: 1.2 GB

Welcome To Hell Slave M - S

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