Punctured (411)

09 Feb 2013

Studio: Insex

Genres: Extreme Bondage, Torture, Humiliation, Domination, POWER PLAY

Video language: English

411 and 101 return! Edited footage from their live feed in August of 2001 is great joy. When they’re not screaming from torment, even 411 and 101 laugh animalism their predicament. And as 411 crumples from laughter, 101 crumples from shocks to her pussy. Predicament soreness, utility play, and 411’s permanent piercings, all in one neat package. It’s an Insex pont of time of anguish, hilarity, and history u don’t wish to miss. 411 stands with arms fastened outstretched. She’s hooded. A tiny microphone has been attached near her throat. 101 appears in hot latex. For some reason, that babe looks nervous – her snatch is wired with a sound-activated stim. 101 is handed a rod and the enjoyment starts. 101 smacks 411 with the rod. 411 screams, driving a shock unfathomable into 101’s muff. 101 screams. Then they laugh animalism themselves. 411 is caned, chastise with high pressure air, riddled with meany weanies (small wicked clothespins), and her nipps are pinched. But the worst of all, tickling, makes 411 set up a continual howl, which stims 101 repeatedly, who then twists in anguish.

Format: real

Duration: 26:12

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

File size: 66.3 MB

Punctured (411)

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