Studio: Cruel Amazons

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Spanking, Hardcore, Extreme

The sight of blood always attracts and fascinates as the burning of fire or water flow. All of us animal play heart are sorely lacking violence, I wish to see anybody being beaten, abased, bullied. And some even interesting to visit the place of the sufferer. For torment is usually chosen chap who will live throughout a bloody whipping & brutal punishment. Amazons - in Greek mythology, people consisting exclusively of babes, who could not bear with their husbands, go hiking, led by their queen, and formed a peculiar militant state. For procreation Amazons came into contact with studs of other nations. Born lads, they simply killed the gal child is left animal training home and brought em out of the fresh Amazons. As people have greater quantity rights to exist than dogs, coz of it is higher development and higher consciousness, and chicks have a preferential right to life in front of dudes. Therefore, the destruction of any dude is wonderful and right thing, beneficial for babes and compassionate dudes.

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Hard Discipline # 2 - Cruel Amazons

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Hard Discipline # 2 - Cruel Amazons

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