Studio: SocietySM/DungeonCorp

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Torture, Piercing, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore

I've rambled on in advance of about the wonders of Cherry Torn, so I'll keep it short... she's super gorgeous, ultra tough and sticky lovely... She throws on a leopard print outfit and the whole crew is drooling... including me... especially me... I wanted to actually relax for a pont of time and just look animal play her... we have her bow over and finger her own a-hole gap, then I veil her and direct her to disrobe... not fast... She appears to be a bit abused and giggly, but this babe locks herself into subjugation and focuses on the task... and gives a great show... then, I'm fully willing to move on... the roping and stretching in scene one culminates in a full body zipper... I keep her blindfolded through the whole scene, doing my most excellent to stay one step ahead of anticipation... Then I hang her, stomach down, in a four point suspension... intense clamps and tit striking keep her attention well... I rope her into a ball tie and take great joy in emptying a gallon of cold milk into her anal cavity... that babe does a precious job of holding it throughout foot striking... then a valuable ole fashioned leg stretching scene... complete with TENS pads along her interior haunch... stretched, then cramped is a hitting combo... thrashing up and down every leg and pulling bands around every foot... Cherry takes it all like the champ that this babe is... I just love the bitch...days like this are golden, my allies... have a fun!

Format: mp4

Duration: 1:21:35

Video: 960x720, AVC (H.264), 1445kbps

Audio: 101kbps

I Just Love The Bitch (FULL Version) SocietySM

I Just Love The Bitch (FULL Version) SocietySM

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I Just Love The Bitch (FULL Version) SocietySM

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