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While channel surfing on CROSS-DRESSER, Jay happens upon the 'Dr. Lisa' call-in advice show. The conservative Dr. Lisa (Sabrina) is taking a call from Bev who is constrained by her growing interest in being fastened up. Dr. Lisa tells Bev that this babe should NOT EVER let a guy tie her up -- that sweethearts should not be slave to studs in any way! This 'advice' acquires Jay's dander up and this guy comes to a conclusion Dr. Lisa needs to hear his thoughts on just how compliant babes should be. He approaches the arrogant therapist as she's getting into her car, and previous to this babe knows it, this chab tosses her into the back seat and races away in her car. Later, that babe is highly constrained to discover her wrists tied behind her. Jay enters and, despite her protests, this guy wrestles her out of her blouse and lacy brassiere and thongs her up tightly. Is it her overblown self-regard that keeps her from screaming for aid or maybe smth else? Forcing his protesting captive over a short post, Jay gags, undresses, and ties her strappado-style on camera previous to laying a leather slapper across her round wazoo. A kneeling bent-back position leaves her firm body vulnerable to nipp clamps and a tightly hoisted crotchrope. By the time she's fastened standing against a spinning post, she's beginning to change her tune. Seems the haughty therapist has a sissy streak a mile wide and pretty soon she's crawling to Jay's each command. Looks like a recent attitude for Dr. Lisa! Pretty blond Stephanie endures four tough scenes of hard tying and breast-play -- and it's her 1st time in tying! Her poses are strict and available and Jay pays much attention to her ideal mangos and nipps. She drools past her ballgags and panties as Jay strikes the flagellate on her skin. This angel is a more-than-willing slave and Jay takes full advantage.

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Jay Edwards - Bad Advice

Jay Edwards - Bad Advice

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Jay Edwards - Bad Advice

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