Hang Her

17 Jan 2013

Studio: EWProd

Genres: Horror, Hang

Fresh movie celebrated studio EWP, specializing in staging "executions."
Pretty blond model, a Komsomol member, an athlete Natasha dropped acquires an order from his agent (fat old fart in shorts) for a photo discharge. Dropped anything this babe quickly comes to the set, then that web resource is an abandoned barn, a photographer in a darksome blindfold and takes images on the iPhone, our blond nifiga not surprising or alarming. Fool beautiful positions on the scaffold, plays with a loop, shining face and magnus ... genitals. After playing, our "good girl" that babe puts her head in the loop of a "photographer" dexterous pulls the rope binds her hand and foot belts, makes the final shots for the remainder of the film, and (here's a surprise!) - Hangs nats.
Making sure that the blonde bird is no signs of life, sneaky photographer executioner pulls a beauty out of the loop and disrobes undressed on the cold stone floor of the shed. Apparently shame "corpse" was written as a scoundrel photographer out leaving a puddle of nudity.

Format: real

Duration: 16:24

Video: 720x576, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Hang Her

Hang Her

File size: 89.3 MB

Hang Her

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