Studio: Insex

Genres: POWER PLAY, Torture, Piercing, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore

After this scene, 411 sits chained to the chair. A neck corset is laced on, covering the lower part of her face. Her neck and wrists are locked into metal stocks. A catheter is fed throughout a gap in the neck corset. It leads to a bag of water that is overhead, forcing her to swallow constantly. The angle of her arms and body within the frame of the chair creates a iterating diagram, a symmetry of form. Clamps squeeze her nipps. A sex toy is thrust inside of her and locked into place. Her marangos are suctioned and fastened off with rubber bands. The sex tool is positioned animal play the head of her luscious clitoris. She groans and squirms. 411 works animal play her computer afterwards, smiling, her back mottled red and striped. One day down. Two to go.

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Fluffy Day 1 (411 & PD) Insex

Fluffy Day 1 (411 & PD) Insex

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Fluffy Day 1 (411 & PD) Insex

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