Raging Bull

24 Dec 2012

We are glad to introduce our fresh work - and jointly with u, we are going to have a look behind the closed doors of the prestigious angels' boarding school in which youthful angels are raised rigidly, to become juvenile honourable ladies. Ladies, for whom many things are inappropriate and many things are absolutely unacceptable. For sample ... for sample, unauthorized evening walks. Such an offence against wonderful morals has to be properly punished, and a strict governess with a compelling hand and even greater amount compelling paddle will take a wonderful care of it. But that still ain’t the worst that is plan to happen...
Two future juvenile ladies are standing sadly in the midst of their governess’s office. And the governess has a clear opinion on what has happened – they went out in the night, no doubt. Both are said to bow over governess’s, stick their bottoms up, roll up their skirts and suddenly the room is full of cries and the sounds of falling strokes. Then after, they have to put off their white pants and the spanking proceeds on their exposed submissive... Shortly after one as well as the other unfortunates are standing in the corner with their bottoms all red – but the governess is already holding the majority loathed paddle in her hand. Their begging and crying has no effect, one after one more has to bow over the table, so no thing remains unseen – and they have to count the strokes as well!
While they are crying and screaming, the enormous wooden paddle is falling intense on their poor bottoms – the governess isn’t lenient animal training all. First striking is over, 1st angel has to stand in the corner, second one bows over.... and during the striking, during the time that screaming in pang, the poor gal suddenly let us it slide... They went to watch a prize-fighting match. Oh Goodness, is it the terrible sport where half stripped perspired dudes are thrashing every other?! How disgusting! So greater quantity strokes will chase – and u don’t even have to count it. And after – in front of their terrified eyes, the governess, the governess writes a note to the majority feared person of the entire school – the caretaker. Who in the darksome cellar punishes the poor undressed girls’ bottoms by a rod!!! And then, in front of their terrified eyes, the governess writes a note to the almost all feared person of the entire school – the janitor. A fellow, who punishes their poor nude bottoms by a rod!!! Can the angels avoid the beating somehow?
It’s so tormenting, when they have to expect in front of the dungeon’s door, and listen to the sounds of smth very very unpleasant that is happening to their schoolmate... Dressed in perfectly ironed uniforms, they have to await until it’s their turn. Then lastly, after never-ending awaiting, screams and the sounds of swishing rod end, the door goes open and a crying angel leaving the room with her hands on her sub shows em it’s their time... The janitor comes to take em inside.
The almost any abhored, frightful room which has seen so much pain and so many canings of youthful students... and as we’re going to discover out in a during the time that – not solely this! So the one and the other of u – acquire in natures garb. Yes, absolutely. They feel very ashamed, when they have to put off their raiment in front of this unmerciful guy, who is observing their bodies hungrily. And now he’s grasping the terrible rod... the unfortunate beauty is falling on her knees in front of him and supplicates him... so scared. The janitor cant live without her and her position is convenient after all. So u would like to avoid the beating, girlie?
At the end, one as well as the other angels have to do what this chab asks for – solely one final gal is expecting for her torture outside – no reason to hurry. Cane is forgotten, but when his massive wang is permeating their taut cookies, they begin to think that this is a form of enforcement as well...

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Raging Bull

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