Ginger 0172

19 Dec 2012

Studio: IntoTheAttic

Cast: Ginger

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Fetish

Video language: English

When we 1st discover Ginger JR has her undressed down to her undressed butt and on her knees. A big wooden post next to her has a lengthy metal bar jutting out from it. JR has bound her neck to it which keeps her in place. Her arms are in a box tie and that babe has been bit gagged. In her snatch JR has mounted a fuck stick. After several minutes of kneeling there this babe starts to discover it taxing. She begins to crack and a tear falls from the corner of her left eye and runs down her cheek. The raw metal of the gag starts to serve clear drool from the same corner of her face hole. She begins to whine ever so quietly animal play 1st, the other eye now dropping tears. Her chest heaves enormous and her oncoming deconstruction solely serves to bring her down quicker. As her tears and whining build that babe tries to move around greater quantity, to discover a greater amount desirable position. Each movement reverberates in her twat throughout the fuck stick. She tries to look around, to somehow settle herself down. JR comes in with a big clear bag and pulls it down over her head and seals it off with a thin leather cord. She freaks. She begins to breath heavier and deeper, the bag expanding and collapsing around her with every drawl that babe takes. She grows into an all out panic...”WAIT!, AWAIT! WAIT!”. She says smth about dying and freaking out. JR just plods ahead and we then see her inside her bag, like a fish out of water. She tries desperately to bring her panic to a manageable level as condensation starts to obscure her vision outward. She takes adult baby breaths to prevent the bag from fully collapsing onto her face as adult baby whines emerge from her face gap. While this babe deals with her lack of air JR takes nipp clamps and clamps em down rough onto her teats and then hangs weights from em. She now finds it impossible to take miniature breaths and the bag correspondingly falls absolutely onto her face. It has become impossible now to determine whether her groaning is absolutely from her bag or from her stuffed, needy vagina. Soon that babe begins begging from anybody to receive her off as though this babe were a diminutive child having a hissy-fit. When the Hitachi hits her cum-hole this babe breaks out into an all out cry-fest paired with the rhythmic sounds of a gal blowing her nut.

JR now has her in his old out building. A raw wooden railroad tie hangs from the ceiling but remains several feet from touching the floor so it can swing freely. He has securely affixed her torso to it. Her arms have been doubled over and bound. A secondary rope keeps her abbreviated arms held back. She’s absolutely exposed save for her dark heels. When we discover her this babe is already breaking down, crying and sobbing for no apparent reason other than her predicament. She stomps her heeled feet repeatedly like a child having a temper tantrum. Her tears run freely down her cheeks as this babe wines about her situation, her juvenile, new body in natures garb. Every move that babe makes carries the weight of the railroad tie belted to her back. JR comes in and ask her why this babe is crying, why that babe is such a Big Baby. He opens a baby food jar of whipped green peas with a baby spoon and begins poking it into her face aperture like this chab was feeding a toddler. She just now shows her dislike by screaming out how disgusting it is and spits it out. JR feeds her one more spoonful whilst holding her nose closed. Her teeth all green and food stuck in the corners of her throat that babe spits it out another time. He feeds her some type of repulsive baby sausages and shoves it down her mouth. She throws a fit, tromping her feet repeatedly and crying out loud. JR shoves a pacifier into her throat and then wraps clear tape around her head and throat –all the way around the railroad tie as well. Her head is now plastered to the swinging post, throat filled with disgusting baby food and corked with a pacifier and tape around her head and face aperture. If one thought the fit that babe threw previous to was child-like the one this babe is throwing now supersedes it by far. She screams throughout her taped pacifier gag. Her arms flail and her feet kick the floor repeatedly. She is animated with sound, absolutely disgusted with the green peas this babe can no longer spit out. JR gives a decision to hook her nose and ties it off above her head giving her a distinct piggy appearance. When that guy returns this chab has that same bottle of whipped green peas. With a cotton swab this guy dips it into the jar and then shoves em up every nostril. Before lengthy, with her constant screaming, crying, whining and movement, her face has become smth out of The Exorcist. Green paste emerging from each face gap. When JR hits that slit with the Hitachi this babe finds herself unable to drilling her needy crave. Her cries and screams turn into hopeless pleadings for release.

Ginger is ass stripped save for her heels. JR has strung her up to the ceiling by her ankles in his old out building. Her arms are free and can just touch, just barely touch the floor to ease her revulsion. She hangs there crying as ordinary. Her lengthy golden-haired hair swings down and touches the floor. Her lengthy skinny body is held taunt by gravity, that babe is becoming increasingly distressed. JR comes in and screws a metal pole into the floor beneath her face with a sex-toy attached to it. When this babe sees JR bring these green whipped peas back out that babe just now begins to complain. She wines and shakes her arms like a child. JR takes a spoon and covers the sex toy with the whipped peas. She is beside herself. JR tells her this guy knows this babe is a large baby that cant live without to engulf jock so we’ll be covering the one and the other bases animal play one time. He orders her to begin engulfing it from her hanging position. She takes it in as said and just now spits out what was left in her throat. She cries and complains, curses him. When her lips go down on the vibrator wads of whipped green peas do also. He yells animalism her to take it down and hold it, to keep holding it until this chab is gratified. She just keeps yelling how “gross” and “icky” it is, spitting out whenever that babe can. She grasps the pole with one as well as the other hands to the one and the other assuage her suffering and to take in her pole. Every time that babe pulls off the fake penis that babe cries out and spits which merely causes JR to yell animalism her to hold it in. She doesn’t know it, but she’ll have to pull off one hell of a wang engulfing to receive out of her predicament.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 36:44

Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 1464kbps

Audio: 187kbps

Ginger 0172

Ginger 0172

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Ginger 0172

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