Release Year: 2012

Did anybody tell Mia Gold that this would be a glamour discharge? She definitely appears to be to recognize that things are strange, but not quite fast sufficiently to save her, it appears to be. PD impaling her fur pie so deeply that the sex-toy keeps her transfixed apparently wasn't a large red flag. It isn't until that babe indicates that that babe craves to leave that Mia truly learns how bad things are going to acquire. PD has some electrodes that this guy uses to enforce the full cooperation of models. She doesnt think they are a nice idea, but who the hell asked her in the 1st place? A hardly any wonderful shocks and that babe is as yielding as u please.
Holding up a pair of buckets animalism arm's length is really nice-looking tough. Mia feels the strain not quite right away. But if that babe desires to acquire throughout the day with a undressed minimum of electrical impulses running throughout her cookie that babe had more excellent discover the strength to carry on.

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IR - Sep 14, 2012 - Just Another Glamor Shoot - Mia Gold

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