Release Year: 2012

The torture of being over vibrated is smth that almost any dudes do not understand. Hailey Young, to em, just looks like that babe is complaining about a fine time. What they don't understand is exactly how much anguish that babe is in, or why. Sure, the stimulation feels great animalism 1st. She may even receive an big o or 2 out of it. But a machine is implacable. It doesn't care that her clitoris has been rubbed until it is red and hard; that it is burning like somebody is running the current directly throughout it. She may go numb for a bit. She may even learn to love how it feels. But for right now all this babe can think about is the things this babe would do if meant the vibration would stop, even for a minute.

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Duration: 40:52

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HA  - Jun 20, 2012 - Hailey Young

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