A breathtaking collection of magnificent gal and exquisite castigation beneath the slithering kiss of the leather flog. Visit a galazy far, far away and bear witness to the spectacular torment of a dream demoness whose gal will dazzle u as u see her screaming and writhing below the Laser Lash of a castigation gulag where a gorgeous blond is mercilessly tormented below the whip. You will shiver as u see a lash fight betwixt 2 swollen breasted showgirls and u will quiver as u delight in the spectacle of a yougn, virgin hotty as this babe suggests her perfect body to her lover's leather kiss. The darksome dungeons of the Inquisition hide secrets of inhuman cruelty as a lush gal is tortured into confession to witchcraft. A secret ritual suggests a breathtaking look animal play a marvelous female brute whose superb, sweat shiny body is criss-crossed with the marks of the overseers whip. There is all this and so much greater amount in this astonishing voyage into the shadowing and erotich world of the Queens of the Lash.

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Queens Of The Lash 3 DVDRip

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