1. "Lord Of The Manor" - British aristocrat mercilessly whips the virgin flesh of his pretty serving gal.

2. Algerian Whip Master In a intimate playroom in Paris an Algerian noble whips charming recent arrival from Alergies.

3. "A Daddy's Naughty Daughter" - A father's uncontrollable rage turns a disciplinary spanking into a brutal flogging.

4. "Pain and Terror" - A Moroccan hotty suspected of being involves with terrorists is mercilessly tortured in a intimate prison run by the British secret worship.

5. "Space Slammer" - A magnificent hotty is mercilessly ravished by suffering droids in a galaxy far far away.

6. "The Lesson" - In a intimate English school for nasty beauties a youthful angel learns a painful lesson beneath Headmistress' lunge whip.

7. "Merciless Torture" - During the black days of the Inquisition a youthful girl suffers the torments of hell in the torment play room of the Inquisitors.

8. "Nubian Slave" - In the hold of a sub ship, a Nubian servant dancer is whipped for her arrogance.

9. "Siberian Slave" - A European hotty is suspected of being a spy for the West in the darksome tale of punishment from the Cold War underground.

Queens Of The Lash 4 DVDRip

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Queens Of The Lash 4 DVDRip

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