This week, Strict Restraint comes storming back with Ariel X and Holly Wood… Ariel's bent and zip-tied as Holly goes to city on her succulent gazoo with exposed handed slaps. What a couple of bodies... Ariel's tough and Holly's got her hands full... Quite literally so when that babe buries her fingers in that fascinating cum-hole. Ariel's not at any time been shy and this day is no exception, and when Holly smashes the wand into place, this babe entreats to cum and let us loose in a guttural fashion. From there, it merely acquires tighter for Ms. X as that babe is handcuffed erect. The crop is Holly's equipment of choice as that babe hammers Ariel's flesh with it. Ariel's hardbody is raw clamped next and Holly acquires to work on that enjoyable, firm figure even further.

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Ariel X (13 Jun 2012) StrictRestraint

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